FIX-R FLEXI-GRP is the new innovation in the flat roofing market. It is the evolution of standard GRP by giving a seamless, flexible finish that won’t crack or peel. In addition to new OSB3 roofs, FIX-R FLEXI-GRP can be applied to existing stripped decks (if in suitable condition). It can also be used as an overlay on a variety of substrates such as Single Ply, GRP, Concrete, Asphalt and Bitumen. On a small or large project, a refurbishment or new build, FIX-R FLEXI-GRP is the perfect choice.

Typical Applications



Dormer Roofs

Balconies (with anti slip)

New build & refurbishment


Can be applied on old or new decks

Can be used as an overlay on multiple surfaces

Quick application and cure times

Cold-applied (eliminates open flame risks)

EXT FAA Fire Rating on OSB3 deck

Will mould to any shape

No additional topcoat required

Creates an attractive, seamless finish

15, 20 or 25-year warranty options


Can only be applied to dry substrates in temperatures above 5.0oC

Requires a longer weather window

Requires the addition of Summer/Winter catalyst

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