At SIG we stock a wide selection of natural slate, sourced directly from the quarry and ideal for your next roofing project. We are proud to say that our commitment and product expertise has allowed us to become a household name in the distribution of natural slate.

SIG Roofing, a subsidiary of SIG plc, source directly from quarries around the globe, including Spain, Wales and the USA. This allows us to offer the widest selection of natural slate for any project, new or refurbishment.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, so we work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we supply slate that not only meets your performance criteria, but also your aesthetic requirements, within budget. We know from our extensive experience that no two projects are alike, so we ensure that every slate is carefully selected from reputable supplier quarries to match your roofing requirements.

We are consistently reviewing the market to source the best natural slates from across the world to ensure the highest quality for your roof. With years of knowledge and a firm belief in our products we can assure confidence and peace of mind when choosing us.

SIG Roofing Natural Slate Brochure

SIG Roofing Natural Slate

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