Supply Chain, Hub and Spoke Model

In an effort to both support and drive customer service excellence, and as part of a major investment to modernise and future proof our business, we have embarked on setting up regional Hub locations to service our customers with stock availability and robust delivery mechanisms.

To this end, we have created ten regional hubs that not only replenish stock to spoke locations daily, enabling each location to provide the whole range, but deliver to project sites ensuring our customers have the right product at the right time.

Our ten hub locations can be found at:

  • Leeds – covering the North East and Yorkshire
  • Manchester – covering the North West
  • Birmingham – covering the Midlands
  • Kentish Town – covering North London and North of London
  • Rayleigh – covering East London and Essex
  • Croydon – covering South London and the South of London
  • Woking – covering West London
  • Bristol – covering the M4 corridor
  • Southampton – covering the South Coast and Solent Area
  • Lewes – covering Surrey and Sussex

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In essence, our supply chain programme is designed to deliver:

  • An enhanced customer service offering allowing us to deliver exceptional service levels achieved through greater stock availability and impressive delivery capability
  • Provide our customers with access to a wider range of products, when they need, at the right time, giving them greater confidence in the SIG Roofing brand
  • Free up valuable time for our people and branches to increase efficiencies and focus entirely on generating sales, customer acquisition and retention

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To further support this initiative and improve our delivery service we have additionally invested in the real-time technology package ‘Descartes’ to provide:

Real Time Delivery Notification: including estimated time of arrival of your deliveries:

Electronic Proof of Delivery: with immediate confirmation and invoices sent via email

Automated Scheduling: for an even more reliable service, with the flexibility to manage exceptions in branch

Which will provide:

Increased customer experience: OTIF from 95%

Improved Branch Visibility: with better information on delivery availability and improved service response times

Resulting in ensuring your deliveries arrive at the site you need them, accurately and on time years to come.

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