All the items to support your roofing system - enhancing the performance, and aesthetics of your pitched roof by providing ventilation and final finishing touches.


Our Universal Dry Fix Ridge Kits include everything you need to secure ridge tiles at the roof apex. They protect against wind uplift and water penetration and conform to BS 8612: Dry Fixed Ridge, Hip & Verge Systems for Slating & Tiling.

Our kits contain a breathable ridge roll to cove the roof batten which is fastened to the tile or slate with its self adhesive strip to provide a water tight seal. Ridge tiles can then be installed over the ridge roll to secure it in place and across the apex of the roof using the fixings contained within the kit.

  • • Protects against wind uplift and water penetration
  • • Provides the recommended 5000mm2/m ventilation, equivalent to 5mm continuous gap requirements at the ridge, for the roof void
  • • Suitable for most hip and ridge applications, for pitches of 15º to 45º

Kit Contains:
1 Ventilated Ridge Roll (6m)
10 Ridge Batten Brackets
13 Universal Ridge Unions
1 Fixing Kit

Extension packs are also available for when installing clay ridge tiles.


Our Universal Dry Verge System is a mortar free solution that includes all the elements needed to ensure tiles are held securely in place without becoming vulnerable to wind dislodgement.


These units are universal so can be used on the left and right side of the roof verge. They are compatible with most tile types (with the exception of slate or high profiles tiles) and are suitable for pitches between 15º and 55º.

  • • Each unit has a water drip channel to help prevent water staining
  • • UV stable
  • • Universal handed units, suit both sides of the roof
  • • Batten spacing 270-345mm

Available in black, brown, grey and terracotta.

Half Round
Angled Ridge

Ridge caps

Our Dry Fix Ridge End Caps are fitted over the end of the ridge tile, finishing off the installation of the dry verge units neatly at the top of the gable. The flexible flaps on the caps, contour around the verge piece, creating a sealed unit that prevents water ingress and infestation.

Our Ridge Caps are available in 2 formats:

  • • Half round caps offering a soft, subtle finish
  • • Angled ridge caps providing a sharper finish at the apex

Available in black, brown, grey and terracotta.


Our Starter Caps are mechanically fixed to the end of the fascia board or brickwork before installing the first universal dry verge unit. This will prevent water ingress and infestation at the eaves.

Our End Caps fit over the final dry verge unit’s grille at the roofs apex in order to create a neat finish to the verge installation whilst also providing protection against infestation and water ingress.

Available in black, brown, grey and terracotta.


We offer a range of valley troughs suitable for many different circumstances – for slate and tiles, for high and low profiled roofs.

All are made from GRP as an alternative to lead and all are dry fix, mortar-free installation. This makes them quicker to install in comparison with lead as they are lightweight so easier to handle and they are preformed to the required shape.

All our valley troughs have the following benefits:

  • • UV resistant
  • • No harmful run-off or staining
  • • Dry fix – eliminates issues associated with mortar installation and maintenance
Open Valley Trough for Slate Roofs
Open Valley Trough for Tile Roofs


Our Open Valley Troughs are available in two versions, for tiles roofs and for slate roofs. Both are made from GRP and provide secure drainage channels for inclined roof valleys.

Low Profile
High Profile


These products provide hidden water gulleys at the roof valleys creating a close-cut appearance and eliminate the need for any counter battens and special eaves closure pieces. They are available in 2 profiles:

  • • Low Profile – for flat and plain tiles. Height 80mm
  • • High Profile – for profiles tiled roofs. Height 105mm
Low Profile
High Profile

over batten dry fix valley troughs

These products provide secure drainage for inclined roof valleys creating a close-cut appearance on your project.

  • • Low Profile (70mm) – suitable for plain tile, clay, concrete or slate
  • • High Profile (110mm) – suitable for profiled tile roofs

hip support tray

Our hip support trays support the hip tiles running across the peak of the roof in order to provide an even, level run. Made from PVC, they are a dry fix product eliminating the need for mixing and carrying mortar to bed down the cut hip tiles. Once installed, they provide a secure and discreet solution and an additional barrier against water ingress.

  • • Dry fix – no mortar required
  • • Additional barrier against water ingress

Colour: Black

We also offer a Hip Accessory Kit containing:
5 Hip Support Trays (1200mm x 250mm each)
26 Leg Ratchet Clips
20 Short Hip Clips
20 Long Hip Clips

Used in conjunction with our Dry Fix Ridge Kit along the hip of the roof

over fascia slide & lock vent

Our Over Fascia Vents provide discreet eaves ventilation by allowing a constant flow of air into the roof void between the felt and fascia board. Each 500mm long length can be clipped together to create 1000mm, has a male and a female end which interlock by simply sliding into place.

These vents are available in 2 capacities:

  • • The 10mm vent is suitable for conventional cold roofs with a ventilation area of 10,000mm2/m
  • • The 25mm vent is suitable for warm roofs, flat roofs and for roof pitches below 15º. Ventilation area is 25,000mm2/m


  • • Discreet method of roof ventilation
  • • Prevents entry of birds and large insects

Colour: Black

eaves protection system

Our Eaves Protection System is made from 100% recycled PVC and acts as a support tray that ensures any roof underlay does not drape into the gutter, preventing water ponding behind fascias and rotting of roof underlay, thus reducing maintenance levels.

It provides a clear drainage point into the gutter, directing water away from the underlay whilst also protecting the underlay from UV degradation.

It is recommended to install this system when existing fascia boards are being replaced or as a replacement for any rotting underlay at the eaves.

Available in 1.5m lengths.


Our FIX-R Undercloak Soffit Strip is a strong, fibre cement strip that is fixed at the roof verge, beneath the battens. It provides support for a mortar bed, allowing for good mortar adhesion whilst also offering a finish to the verge detail. Our Undercloak Soffit Strip is available in 4 sizes to suit various roof configurations.

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