Torch on Felt

The FIX-R Torch on Roofing System is a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs, which consists of reinforced bitumen membranes using polyester reinforcements with exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability. The reinforcements are impregnated and then coated with specially formulated SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified bitumen or APP modified bitumen.

Available in a range of 4 mineral colours (Black, Brown, Blue-Grey and Green) FIX-R Torch on Felt has a high resistance to puncture and excellent tensile strength, making it your first choice solution. And it comes with a 15 year guarantee!

Typical Applications

Flat and sloped roofs

Domestic or commercial applications, large or small

New build or refurbishment of existing felt and asphalt roofs


Traditional tried and tested method

The most widely used flat roof waterproofing method

Widely available

Relatively low cost

Cleaner to work with than Pour & Roll

The gas torch can be used to control the flow of bitumen


Hot applied system – Higher level of risk associated with installation resulting in higher insurance costs

Not a seamless system – i.e. the overlapping joints are visible and prone to freeze thaw erosion if not installed correctly

Product is bulky and heavy to handle

Naked flames

Product Specifications

FIX-R 20 SBS Modified Capsheet

Suitable for use as the uppermost layer of a built-up roofing system, FIX-R 20 is a non-woven polyester based torch applied capsheet, coated with an SBS rubber modified bitumen coating.

• 20 years insurance backed materials guarantee
• Torch on application
• Strong polyester reinforcement
• Flexible SBS Bitumen
• Low temperature flexibility – 15°C
• Cost effective performance

FIX-R SBS & APP Torch On Roofing System

The FIX-R Torch On Roofing System is a torch applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs and includes venting layers, capsheets and underlays. Available in 4 mineral colours:
Green, Blue-Grey, Brown and Black they are ideal for new roofs and the repair of existing felt and asphalt roofs.

• 15 year warranty on all products within the systems
• Tough polyester reinforcement for membrane strength and durability
• Excellent adhesion facilitates all detailing work
• High resistance to puncture
• Rapid melt sacrificial backing speeds torching application

FIX-R SBS/APP Sanded Top Layer

Used as an external layer of the system – must be protected with mineral chippings, promenade tiles or other suitable protective finish.

FIX-R Universal SBS/APP Underlay

Consists of a glass tissue coated with rapid flow rubber modified bitumen.

FIX-R Universal Torch On Venting Underlay

With 40mm perforations – specially designed for torch on systems where partial bonding of the underlayer is required.

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