SIGA 140

Sourced in Vermont, USA, SIGA 140 is a smooth slate with a delicious purple sheen, carefully selected as a suitable alternative to indiginous purple slates. SIGA 140 is certified Grade 1 by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) with the highest prediction of service life. This makes SIGA 140 suitable not ony for your aesthetic requirements but also ensures outstanding technical performance.

Region Used:

Scotland, North West, North East

Product Types:

Heritage, Conversion/Refurbishment








0.2 inches

Sizes Available:

500 x 250mm, 450 x 330mm, 400 x 300mm, 400 x 250mm*Other sizes may be available to special order. Please contact us for details.


75 Years

Product Specifications


Samples have been tested in accordance with, and comply with, the relevant sections of EN12326-1:2004.

  • Thermal Cycling T1
  • Exposure S02 S1
  • Water Absorption W1 (≤ 0,6%)
  • Meets the requirements of NHBC Standards

Additional Information

SIGA warranties are backed by SIG Roofing, the UK’s largest distributor of roofing materials. The performance of the slate is warranted for the stated period, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice.

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