GRP stands for ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’, a material made from Polyester Resin reinforced by a Chopped Strand Mat to create a durable, long-lasting membrane. FIX-R GRP was developed alongside trusted installers and manufactured to the highest standards, using only virgin materials in its production.

Typical Applications



Dormer Roofs

Balconies (with anti slip)

New build or refurbishment


Cold-applied (eliminates open flame risks)

Quick and easy to apply

Will mould to any shape

Creates an attractive, seamless finish

Remains watertight and low maintenance for many years

Fire-retardant topcoat available

20 and 25-year warranty options


GRP needs laying on a new dry deck in temperatures not less than 7.5°C (cold weather resin and catalyst available if required)

Requires a longer weather window

Do not apply to wet boards or PVC / nylon substrates

Product Specifications

FIX-R GRP Performance Resin

Developed to achieve a consistent curing speed when used with the standard FIX-R GRP Catalyst.

FIX-R GRP Performance Topcoat

Specially formulated to give the optimal finish to your GRP project. With excellent coverage and application viscosity, designed not to run and sag whilst applying.

FIX-R GRP Standard Catalyst

FIX-R GRP Catalyst is used to start the reactive curing process for FIX-R GRP Performance Resin & Topcoat.

FIX-R GRP Iron Silicate

Iron Silicate enables our GRP system to be used for walkways and balconies creating an anti slip surface.

FIX-R GRP Woven GRP Tape

Woven tape is used to bandage the joints in square edged OSB3, join roof edge trims & corners together and cover/fill small gaps, producing a clean and neat finish. Simply cut the required length and wet out with resin onto the surface.

FIX-R GRP Chopped Strand Matting

A randomly chopped strand matting used in the layering and continuous lamination of FIX-R GRP installations.

FIX-R GRP G4 Sealer/Primer

An easy to use sealer/primer, that seals moisture out from surfaces prior to laying FIX-R GRP. Being moisture cured it can be applied in challenging conditions, down to 0°C and in high humidity.

FIX ALL High Tack Trim Adhesive/Sealer

A high quality, single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength. In addition this product is both weatherproof and waterproof, which makes it ideal for FIX-R GRP System.

For use with FIX-R GRP Trims prior to mechanically fixing.

FIX-R GRP Acetone

Used to clean uncured resin and topcoat from brushes, rollers and other equipment. Please note this material is highly flammable. Available in 1, 5 or 25 litre packs.

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