FIX-Rcryl Roof Repair System

FIX-Rcryl is a cold-applied, solvent-based acrylic resin system for use when waterproofing various roofing systems such as Bituminous Felt, Asphalt, Gutters, Concrete, Brickwork or Metal surfaces. FIX-Rcryl is an easy to apply, one coat solution, formulated to give optimal flexibility and durability.

Typical Applications

Flat or pitched roofs

Domestic or commercial refurbishment

Patch and repair


Flexible and durable

Low odour and VOCs

Not affected by temperature variations

Ready to use straight from the tin

Fibre reinforced to fill gaps and cracks


Instant shower protection

Available in Black, White and Grey


Must be kept away from ignition sources

Good ventilation is needed during and after application

Toxic to aquatic animals, must be kept away from ponds

Not suitable for walkways or balconies

Not suitable for use on PVC or timber or for internal use

Product Specifications

Product Variations

ProductSizeProduct Code
FIX-Rcryl Grey5kg10210391/127800005
FIX-Rcryl Grey20kg10210392/127800010
FIX-Rcryl Black5kg10210393/127800015
FIX-Rcryl Black20kg10210394/127800020
FIX-Rcryl White5kg10210395/127800025
FIX-Rcryl White20kg10210396/127800030

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