UK Sustainability Report 2023

UK Sustainability Report 2023

Across UK Exteriors in 2022 and 2023, we’ve been putting in place detailed plans to accelerate our environmental actions, while further enhancing social responsibility practices.

Building on our positive internal actions, we will soon be well-placed to bring more innovative offerings to the external market for our clients, such as green roofing solutions and sustainable solar-based practices.

Chris Lodge
Managing Director
UK Exteriors

We’re currently experiencing an industry-wide solar push in which Exteriors is well-positioned to provide photovoltaic solutions to c.16,000 of our roofing contractors. At the same time, our team are currently exploring options for water harvesting from rooftops in response to growing pressure and demand for sustainable water-based practices.

Looking at our future sustainability deliverables within SIG UK in the coming years, I would say that fleet replacement is going to be crucial as it accounts for a high proportion of our emissions. Additional information about our country-wide plans can be found on page 9 of the UK Sustainability Report.

SPOTLIGHT ON Exteriors at Rayleigh

The efficacy of waste management at our Rayleigh site illustrates how all our branches are on their way to successfully implementing small, incremental changes to increase recycling and decrease waste.

The branch has minimised pallet waste by returning to the suppliers (where possible), using broken pallets for packing, and retaining pallets for customer deliveries. When dealing with plastic and cardboard, our colleagues first ensure that the materials are segregated and recyclables are compacted and baled, then consider local options to sell or recycle the materials.

These comprise just six of the thirteen tips compiled from Rayleigh that we shared with all our branches to learn from as part of the rewarding Waste Engagement Campaign.

Waste management top tips

  1. Return any pallets to the supplier where possible
  2. Use broken pallets for packing
  3. Retain pallets for customer deliveries including larger pallets
  4. Retain and segregate batten spacers
  5. Reuse polystyrene bearers for customer deliveries
  6. Segregate cardboard and plastic
  7. Compact and bale recyclables
  8. Consider local options to sell or recycle
  9. Offer broken returns back to the customer
  10. Check for contamination
  11. Clearly label skips and bins
  12. Conveniently locate bins
  13. Segregate at source

Our five sustainability commitments

In the UK, we are committed to growing sustainably as a responsible business, guided by our five long-term sustainability commitments that were introduced in 2021.

These purpose-led ambitions underpin our determination to make a positive difference within our operations and play an influential role in mitigating climate change across the construction supply chain.

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