Webber Roofing, Kings Lynn

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Webber Roofing, Kings Lynn

Project: Residential Property
Location: South Wootton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Supplied by: SIG Roofing Kings Lynn Branch
Product used: FIX-R Reinforced Single Ply
Roof type: Flat roof
Work took place: May 2024

The Challenge:

Webber Roofing was contracted to repair a large flat roof extension on a detached bungalow in South Wootton near Kings Lynn. The previous fibreglass roof had been poorly installed, resulting in water leaks and rotting timber rafters. Webber Roofing removed the old roof, replaced all timber rafters, and installed a warm roof with insulation, protecting it with FIX-R Reinforced Single Ply. All materials were provided by the local SIG Roofing branch in Kings Lynn.

FIX-R Reinforced Single Ply is a fleece reinforced EPDM roofing solution designed for flat roof renovations and new installations. This membrane has a high puncture resistance and requires minimal maintenance. FIX-R EPDM is available as a non-reinforced membrane, available in two thicknesses and a polyester fleece-reinforced membrane for situations requiring extra durability. All variants of FIX-R EPDM have been awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate (22/6065), stating the systems will provide a durable waterproof covering with a service life of at least 35 years.  The FIX-R product has been sold and installed for over 10 years, providing a proven solution with a material warranty. It is available through SIG Roofing, which stocks it in over 100 branches across the UK.

“I have used SIG as a roofing supplier for a number of years. We have used fix-r products on many roofs around Kings Lynn and the surrounding areas. We find it easy to install and the best method we have ever used in flat roofing. Less mess and with a water-based glue. The staff at SIG Kings Lynn are always helpful and the customer service is always great.”
Jack Webber
Webber Roofing




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