SIG Roofing working to strengthen new slater skills

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Working with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) as part of their Slate Focus group, SIG Roofing has risen to the challenge to help reduce the shortage of roofing slate skills by working to improve the standard of slate training in colleges across the UK.

Via the SIG Roofing Academy, the industry is supporting education through development of the curriculum, providing lectures and product supply for NVQ Level 1 & 2 Slating & Tiling courses. Colleges currently involved in the SIG Roofing Academy are; Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Bolton, Birmingham, Erith (London) and St Austell.

The initiative brings together key industry bodies; the NFRC, CITB, local colleges and SIGA Natural Slate (the largest supplier of natural slate in the world) – to share their experience and knowledge and to support colleges with slate skills development. The aim is to strengthen the education and training offered to students so they will have more specialist and specific slating skills when they begin work as roofers. It’s a great example of the industry coming together to reduce the skills shortage now and in the future.

Slate is a particular roofing discipline in itself and requires a more advanced knowledge and skill set than some other areas. By supplying free SIGA Natural Slate to colleges offering NVQ Level 1 & 2 Slating & Tiling courses, practical training can be increased and the amount of time students will spend working with the material itself dramatically improved. It also means colleges won’t have to fund costly student mistakes themselves.

Such practical learning provides techniques, tangible experience in real life situations, knowledge and access on an entirely new level, and allows colleges to dedicate more time to increasing the skills of their students and helping reduce the skills gap.

SIG Roofing is also working with SIGA and the CIBT to improve the classroom learning for students. By mapping the SIGA Natural Roofing Slate ‘Effective Specification CPD’ into the curriculum, students will gain a much deeper understanding of slate in general, an increased awareness of the industry, market trends and the selection process. This valuable content gives students additional knowledge about natural slate over and above what they master in the practical learning.

SIG Roofing is also supporting the curriculum by giving lectures and tutorials to share its vast knowledge of the slate industry. This is a vital investment in the industry and in future roofers – creating a work force that is better skilled, more knowledgeable, and has a wider specialist skill set.

SIG Roofing and SIGA are proud to be supporting the roofers of tomorrow and be able to play their part in bridging the skills gap. For more information or to get involved please contact [email protected]

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