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Portrait Pantile & Adjustable Roof Hooks

These roof hooks are commonly used for Double Roman tiles and Concrete tiles, they also come in Landscape as well, just in case the installer wants to run the Solar Rail up the roof.

Pictured on the left is a Pantile roof hook, while the middle picture shows the Adjustable roof hook. The Pantile Roof hook is simply fixed in place and rotation, however the Adjustable roof hook is the most popular for installers as it can be adjusted at the top and bottom, ideal if you want the Railing Gap between the railing and Tile closer together or if the Rafter spacing isn’t quite accurate.

Pantile Roof Hook

Adjustable Roof Hook

Landscape Roof Hook

As you can see on the Landscape roof hook to the right, the top clamp on the hook is turned the other way to allow the railing to slide in and go up the roof.

Please note some Manufacturers roof hooks do require wood screws and some don’t. It is also worth noting some that do aren’t always long enough, so it is recommended to check with the installer the required length of the screw and size of the thread.

How much could you save?

The key question we all ask when it comes to Solar Panels. At SIG Roofing, whether you’re a homeowner, an installer or a roofer, we’ve made it simple for you to find out.

Using our unique mapping tool, get a personalised estimate, see the panels on the roof of your choice and importantly, see how long it takes for a solar setup to pay for itself.


Commonly used for Plain tiles, but also very popular for Slate roof tiles as the hook sits prouder on the Joist and over the Battens, also available in Landscape and adjustable. Always check with the customer if they require Flashing for these type of Roof hooks, as well as Flat slate roof hooks.


Ideal roof mounting solution for most types of residential pitched roofs.

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