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Originally produced for the commercial flat roofing market, EPDM roofing has now become a suitable solution for domestic as well as commercial flat roofing projects.

FIX-R EPDM supplies the flat roofing market with a range of EPDM membrane sizes (widths of 3.05m, 4.57m, 6.1m, 7.63m & 9.15m) and thicknesses (1.20mm & 1.50mm). This innovative product brings watertight performance, durability and dependability ensuring that your roof will be protected, whatever the weather.

Manufactured by the world’s leading EPDM manufacturer, FIX-R EPDM has many material characteristics including longevity, weatherability and elasticity. It’s a sustainable and long-lasting roofing solution.

Order cut to size for your specific project requirements, FIX-R EPDM is always available within 24/48 hours!

FIX-R EPDM membrane is strong, lightweight, easily installed and a great solution for flat roof renovation and new flat roof installations. It is completely UV stable which means there is no requirement for a topcoat.

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Typical Applications

Domestic or commercial applications, large or small

New build or refurbishment over existing substrates


Durable - expected lifespan of 50 years

Flexible and not affected by temperature variations

Safe, flame-free installation

Cost effective and maintenance free

Choice of widths and thickness’s

Lightweight, quick and easy to install



The more up-stands and other details, the longer the installation process

Cannot be installed on a wet surface

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