Manufacture Training

As an industry it’s vital we balance the level of skilled workers available with increasing demand. This is certainly the case if we are to meet the ambitious targets laid out in the Government’s Construction 2020 scheme which to reduce costs by 33% and project delivery times by 50% – while at the same time increasing output significantly.

These would be challenging objectives even with an excess number of skilled workers at our disposal. However, roofing is rising to that challenge with a high number of exciting initiatives, product developments and people across the industry working together.

To help bridge the skills gap SIG Roofing has gathered a large amount manufacturer training opportunities, that are currently available to you across the UK.

We’re searched for college courses, onsite location training and product training specific to manufacturer instruction.
In addition you can also find details of:

  • Full training programme details including the industry they cover (Pitched, Flat, Industrial Roofing or Equipment Training)3
  • A complete overview of the training details
  • Training locations
  • Available training dates
  • How to book your chosen course

To find out more about the training courses available to you, please click on the below links of interest:

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