TIL-R Pitched Roof Underlay or TIL-R Classic Undertile Felt

TIL-R Pitched Roof Underlays are high performance, breathable membranes for use in both vented and non-vented cold and warm pitched roofs. They allow the roof to breathe, negating the requirement for traditional ventilation. TIL-R Underlay is especially suitable for use in supported warm roof specifications where the insulation is located along the rafter line, and is available as standard or with dual integrated tape.

Non-breathable pitched roof underlays are suitable for use as an unsupported underlay in traditionally ventilated cold tiles or slated pitched roofs. Available as standard, or with dual integrated tape, TIL-R Classic Non Breathable Pitched Roof Underlays are clean to use, quick to install and come with a printed cutting grid for your convenience.

TIL-R Classic Undertile Felt is a traditional bitumen based slaters felt. It can also be used as a vapour retarder in built-up roofing. TIL-R Classic Undertile Felt is eligible for ONE Warranty for Scottish sarking board projects, and where it is necessary to provide a safe roosting environment for bats.

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