Put to the test

The BSI Kitemark™ has been recognised and valued for over 100 years as a truly independent mark of quality that offers genuine value to consumers and businesses alike.

Originally used solely in the UK, the BSI Kitemark™ is now recognised internationally as a mark of quality and safety you can trust. Its independence gives the end user full confidence in the products, differentiating them from other materials on the market that do not bear the name. According to research carried out in 2015, 67% of consumers are aware of the BSI Kitemark™, and 58% say it is a believable indication of quality.*

One example of a company that has been working alongside BSI to help maintain high standards is FloPlast. They’ve been working together for over ten years, with FloPlast earning their first BSI Kitemark™ in 2006. They now have over 10 Kitemarks on their extensive range of systems.

All FloPlast products have to undergo rigorous testing in order to earn this mark of trust. Every BSI Kitemark™ they hold involves an initial assessment of conformity to the relevant standard and an assessment of their Quality Management System. This means their Rainwater, Soil & Waste and Underground ranges are subjected to independent and strict tests time and again at BSI’s Centre of Excellence.

And it doesn’t stop there. They also have to prove their quality controls are fit for purpose, as they’re audited annually against the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management Systems standard – ISO 9001. It’s only once both their production quality controls and their Rainwater, Soil & Waste and Underground ranges have successfully passed third party assessment by BSI that their relevant ranges qualify as BSI Kitemark™ approved.

FloPlast have taken their commitment to best practice one step further, as they have also achieved certification to the following management systems: OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety  Management; ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management. With BSI assessors reviewing and auditing their processes, they’re committed to protecting clients, employees and visitors, while demonstrating their commitment to managing their environment and reducing waste.

It’s clear that businesses like FloPlast have to work hard to achieve and maintain the BSI Kitemark™ on their products, which go beyond the minimum legal requirements for CE marking. For contractors the benefits include risk reduction, increased customer satisfaction and access to new customers around the world, with a mark of quality and safety which offers true value to consumers, businesses and procurement practices.

The fact that the mark is held in such high regard by the end user, as a symbol of quality, safety and trust, gives the company and their customers the peace of mind in product performance they’re looking for. And makes the effort more than worthwhile.

*Independent BSI Kitemark research conducted 2015, Naeiled Research.

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