ONE Warranty now gives even more

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SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty for pitched roofing has gone from strength to strength following its launch in October 2015, with many contractors now taking advantage of this single package warranty. To provide even further benefits, additional industry leading products have been included to give contractors, property owners and specifiers alike yet more choice and flexibility.

ONE Warranty is designed to support the build-up of the roof from batten to roof coverings. The warranty covers the performance of all products involved in the build-up for 15 years under one single package warranty that is easy to use and understand, and all at no extra charge. As the strapline simply says; ONE Roof, ONE Name, ONE Warranty!

Additional manufacturers to ONE Warranty include; Klober, Welsh Slate, SIGA Heritage, Dupont Tyvek, JLM, Young Black, Paslode, TIL-R and TIL-R Classic. These leading manufacturers’ products include; underlays from Klober’s Permo® Air and Dupont’s Tyvek® Supro and Supro Plus. Coverings from Welsh Slate and SIGA Heritage’s latest addition Reproduction Reclaimed Slate, along with a range of Klober’s pitched roof ventilation products, Jamestown Metals Ltd’s Zinc Ridge, Slate Hooks from Young Black and Batten Nails from Paslode are also featured.

These latest products add to the existing coverings from industry leading SIGA Natural Slate, SIGA Heritage Reproduction Stone and SIGnature Clay Tiles, along with a range of market leading accessories including; SR Timber’s Premium Gold Batten, TIL-R’s pitched roof underlays, and a wide range of flashings, fixing and ridges from ALM, TIL-R and Red Bank – to name just a few.

Janine Brady, Marketing Manager for SIG Roofing, explained: “ONE Warranty has been extremely well received and the number of contractors registering is literally growing by the day. We are really pleased to be able to increase the value of ONE Warranty by including additional industry leading products. By working with these manufacturers, contractors can enjoy an even wider range of products that are all of a high standard and highly sought after, so not only will the property owner have peace of mind knowing their roof is covered, the contractor can rest easy, knowing that they’re using top quality products.”  

Contractors wanting to take advantage of ONE Warranty simply have to register online  click here – once registered they will receive membership details and marketing materials to use for their customers. Following purchase and installation of the relevant products, contractors can easily register their project online in order for ONE Warranty to take effect.

With 70% of contractors having had to replace a roofing product through a warranty claim and the removal of the frustration and time that contractors face when having to deal with multiple suppliers for a roof warranty claim, SIG Roofing is confident of the value that ONE Warranty brings.

Whilst the scheme provides a number of valuable benefits; the key advantage is its simplicity. Users are able to take advantage of the warranty and a full service provided by SIG Roofing with no additional costs, whilst being able to enjoy a reduced and simplified administration process

For more information click here  or contact a local SIG Roofing branch.

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