NFRC membership helps improve health and safety awareness in roofing

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The advantages associated with membership of an active and dynamic association are numerous, but by taking part in annual health and safety research, NFRC members are able to both monitor their own performance and support NFRC in its quest for improved safety for everyone in the roofing industry.

By submitting an accident return log to NFRC every year, statistics are collated on behalf of all NFRC Trade Members. The log covers all types of accident and injuries; from minor injuries to falling from height and fatalities. After obtaining 100% returns from members, results are analysed in order to see where NFRC can provide members with the additional advice and support, and to lobby politicians on behalf of NFRC members.

Ray Horwood CBE, Chief Executive of NFRC explains: “The idea behind the accident return log is simple. In response to the Government’s revitalising health and safety initiative, NFRC is committed to reducing the number of fatal and major injuries. By working with existing members’ accident data, we can establish the effectiveness of measures already in place and measure the progress in respect of targets set.”

Ray adds: “By taking part in this exclusive research, members are playing a major role in helping reduce the fatal and major injury incidence rates within their own industry. Not only do they benefit from seeing the annual improvements in the statistics and learning of any persistent dangers, they support NFRC’s excellent Health and Safety record.”

“For example, falls from height remain the single largest cause of death and major injuries in the roofing industry, but by continuous monitoring and awareness, members can help reduce this statistic by better observing safety measures and equipment,” concludes Ray.

As part of its ‘Get Smart, Get Savvy, Get NFRC’, the association is committed to educating the roofing community on its role, and to promoting all the benefits that membership brings. “Roofing is a great business and we want companies to know and understand everything that the Federation stands for, and how it can seriously help their business in a whole host of ways. Health and Safety is one of the key areas,” says Ray.

NFRC’s latest statistics covering accidents and injuries in 2015 are due to be published by BuildUK in January 2016.

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