About Own Label

As a business we work very closely with all parts of the Roofing industry; contractors, manufacturers and trade associations – to name just a few. Most important of all of these to us, are our customers – those responsible for getting the critical job of roofing done.

By working with and listening to our customers, we are able to identify when a product solution is needed – and that’s when we set to work creating product solutions to match these needs. We do this, by only working with manufacturers that are well established, have a proven track record and have demonstrated an exceptional technical understanding of our industry. Allowing us to create a range of products that;

  • Answer our customers specific needs
  • Offer exceptional performance
  • Can be relied on for quality
  • Legislatively compliant
  • Provide robust product warranties

…providing perfect product solutions for our customer’s needs.

Our own label product ranges include:

SIGA Natural Slate
Setting the benchmark in natural slate for roofing
Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, we work closely with our producers to ensure that we supply slate that not only meets your performance criteria, but also meets your aesthetic requirements within budget.

SIGA logo red

SIGA Heritage Reproduction Stone
Reproducing natural beauty, perfectly
The Heritage Range of artificial stone roofing products are hand crafted to give an authentic roofscape, offering detailed moulding, a choice of colours and a range of sizes.

SIGA heritage stone logo

SIGA Heritage Reproduction Reclaimed Slate
Create the look of a graceful weathered roof
Specifically manufactured by hand, providing an authentic roof finish and giving the appearance of a weathered, natural slate.
For more information about SIGA products, please visit click here

SIGA Heritage Reclaimed Slate Logo

SIGnature Clay Tiles
Bringing together modern technology and the traditional skills of the clay tile maker
SIGNature have produced a range of character hand-made, hand-crafted and machine made clay tiles which are fully supported by our own 30 year product warranty.

SIGNature_Clay Tiles

For more information about SIGnature products, please visit click here

TIL-R Pitched Roofing Range
A range of pitched roofing products designed to meet your standards of usability, quality and price, providing the right solution for the job;

  • Pitched Roof Underlays
  • Concrete Ridge Tiles
  • Lead Free Flashings
  • Dry Fix Ridge Kits

and more…

Tilr logo (2)     TILR Classic logo

For more information about our TIL-R range, please visit the website www.til-r.co.uk click here

FIX-R Flat Roofing Range
A range of tried and tested flat roofing products for professionals – the right solution for the job:

Fixr logo Hi-res FIXR Classic logo

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing
Hybrid polymer liquid waterproofing system based on alpha–hybrid silane terminated polyether technology. While it exceeds most performance criteria for polyurethane, PMMA and other solvent based systems, it also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with these products.

Manufactured by the largest EPDM manufacturer, FIX-R EPDM has many material characteristics of longevity, weather ability and elasticity. FIX-R EPDM membrane is strong, lightweight, easily installed and a great solution for flat roof renovation and new flat roof installations.

FIX-R TorchOn Felt
Our Torch On Roofing System is a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs, which consists of reinforced bitumen membranes using polyester reinforcements with exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

A fibre reinforced patch and repair solution, suitable for use on most surfaces with an easy to apply, one coat system. This low odour product can be cold applied and is an instant shower product which is unaffected by the temperature.

FIX-R Paints & Primers
A range of paints and primers that is suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates.

For more information about our FIX-R range, please visit the website click here

SIGnature Torch-On System
The SIGnature Torch On Cap Sheet is a fire retardant formulation, polyester reinforced, SBS torch applied finishing layer. This cap sheet is utilised on both the 20 and 25 year systems and will achieve an EXT.F.AA fire rating as standard:

SIGNature_Torch On System

  • Vapour Control Layers
  • Underlays
  • Fire Rated Cap Sheets

FIT-R and FIT-R Classic Range
A range of quality general purpose fixings, nails, bracketry, silicones and sealants to address your project needs.

Crystic Roof
GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a high performance, proven technology found on everything from boats and water tanks to ponds and pools, keeping water in as well as out. Made in the UK, it’s an environmentally safe composite and a great modern alternative to bitumen, felt and lead – perfect for creating flat roofs that are extremely strong, completely waterproof and long lasting.

CrysticROOF - new product

Registered Office: SIG Trading Limited, Adsetts House, 16 Europa View, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, S9 1XH. Registered in England No. 01451007 VAT No. GB 487 01733