Flat roof refurbishment: David Gray Case Study

Industrial units and commercial roofs require regular maintenance and over time will eventually require refurbishment.  When the client found they needed to conduct major repair works on their factory roof, D Gray Services partnered with SIG Industrial Roofing to develop a project plan to bring the roof back to condition within timescale and budget.

Roof repair products

The project goals were to provide the client with a full refurbishment of both the flat roof and the industrial roof. SIG Industrial Roofing and D Gray Services worked together to identify products that were best suited to the project which would have the durability that the client needed.

They supplied SIG FIX-R classic underlay along with SIGnature charcoal cap sheet. This led to D Gray Services having multiple drops including Ash and Lacy bar and bracket system, along with fixings to help over-clad the existing worn-down roof sheets. SIG Distribution then provided 140mm Knauf cladding roll to help re-insulate the building and Joris Ide supplied the metal roof sheets and metal flashings and fabrications.

Roofing contractor and supplier collaboration

An important element of the repair involved the close teamwork between D Gray Services, SIG IRC, and key suppliers such as Knauf or Joris Ide.  This is typical of SIG Industrial Roofing Centre’s approach to projects thanks to their 9-step framework. This easy, comprehensive process is implemented to transform roofs.

The holistic approach employed by SIG Industrial Roofing encouraged multiple suppliers to come together to make the project a success. With their ‘working together’ attitude, the project was completed swiftly and efficiently.

“It’s good to be recommended a C200 Plastisol coating on roof sheets, that way I can offer the customer a 25-year warranty on the corrosion of the sheet”

Dave from D Gray Services

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