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Frequently Asked ONE WARRANTY Questions

What is covered by ONE WARRANTY?

    ONE WARRANTY provides cover for the flat or pitched roofing products’ performance only. There are two types of warranties; coverage for the product performance (i.e. manufacturing defects in the materials) and coverage against workmanship errors and labour costs. A number of contractors offer a separate warranty that covers labour and will be able to provide information on this.

Why are warranties important?

    A roof is a big investment for the property owner. As with any big investment, knowing in advance what the warranty covers could save the property owner thousands of pounds in the event that a problem arises.

How is ONE WARRANTY different?

    ONE WARRANTY is unique as it provides a single warranty for all of the key elements of the roof, providing the property owner peace of mind, along with a very simple and easy to understand process. For the contractor they can enjoy; easy and free registration, one stop warranty for all items in ONE Warranty, time saved in chasing multiple suppliers or adding warranties with multiple suppliers, reassurance for the home owner that the roof is backed by a comprehensive product warranty.

Who is SIG Roofing?

    SIG Roofing is the UK’s largest specialist distributor of roofing related products. With a network of over 100 branches throughout the UK, offering unbiased choice with over 40,000 specialist roofing products from leading manufacturers. We are committed to quality and excellence, with over 1000 staff providing expert advice and support. Part of SIG Plc, a FTSE 250 company.

How do I become a ONE WARRANTY registered contractor?

    To become a ONE WARRANTY registered contractor, simply visit the Contractor Registration page and complete the simple form. Once we have received and processed your registration we will send you your membership details, along with membership details.

How do I know what products are included in ONE WARRANTY?

    The key elements of a flat or pitched roof are included in ONE WARRANTY. Coverings such as industry leading SIGA Natural Slate, FIX R Torch on Felts and SIGnature Clay Roof Tiles are included, along with a range of market leading accessories including; batten, breather membrane, fixings, ridges – to name just a few. For a full list of the products included please visit

Are all products included manufactured to meet current regulations?

    All products included in ONE WARRANTY are manufactured to comply with British Standards and European Standards where applicable.

How does the standard of workmanship affect my warranty?

    All products included have been vetted to ensure they meet the highest possible standards; however the quality of installation is also critical. Throughout the whole roof products must be installed to meet the standards of all current codes of practice and legislation (e.g. BS 5534: 2014) – failure by the contractor to do so will invalidate the warranty.

How do I know if a contractor is a ONE WARRANTY registered contractor?

    ONE WARRANTY registered contractors have been sent a ONE WARRANTY membership number and card – upon request they should be able to share this with you.

Is ONE WARRANTY transferrable if the property is sold?

    Yes, ONE WARRANTY is specific to the property. If the property is sold the warranty will automatically transfer to the new owner.

What happens if other products are substituted by the contractor?

    Participating products must be used throughout the whole roof for those listed as Mandatory and Accessories. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty. For a full list of the products included please visit

How do I get more Property Owner leaflets?

Q: If one of the products included in ONE WARRANTY has a longer warranty, can I still take advantage of the specific longer warranty and use ONE WARRANTY?

    Certainly. ONE WARRANTY covers the whole roof, however if a product included has a manufacturer’s warranty for an extended period that you want to take advantage of – you must then apply through the manufacturer’s existing process. For example with SIGA Natural Slate, if you want the full SIGA Natural Slate warranty (between 30 and 75 years), then you must apply for it through the supplying branch as per the existing SIGA Natural Slate warranty process.

How do I make a ONE WARRANTY claim?

    To make a claim you should contact the ONE WARRANTY hotline on 01480 466777 and they can advise you on next steps. You will be asked to put the claim in writing to us and provide supporting photos of the roof/damage. If you are the property owner, in the first instance you should try to contact the contractor who installed the roof.

What is replaced if there is a ONE WARRANTY claim?

    The product that the performance has failed on (i.e. the product has not performed to specification by failing to deliver its primary function without degradation).

Is the contractor’s labour cost included if there is a ONE WARRANTY claim?

    It is possible to obtain a separate warranty for labour, please speak to your contractor regarding this. ONE WARRANTY covers products only.

What if other products included in my ONE WARRANTY are damaged as a result of the product with failed performance?

    Consequential damage is not covered by ONE WARRANTY; it only provides cover for the product that the performance has failed on (i.e. the product has not performed to specification by failing to deliver its primary function without degradation). It is imperative to take immediate action once a potential product failure has been identified to limit any consequential damage.

What happens if there is a ONE WARRANTY claim but the property owner’s property or belongings are damaged?

    Consequential damage is not covered by ONE WARRANTY as it covers the products’ performance only. Should consequential damage occur SIG Roofing cannot be held responsible. It is the property owner’s financial responsibility to replace or repair any other damage (some property owners may have personal Building or Contents insurance that includes this cover).
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