About ZeroHarm

Here at SIG Roofing Health and Safety goes beyond a check list of does and don’ts, our goal is to create zero accidents, through a cultural mind-set that even the smallest cog or action in our business plays its part in our customer and visitors safety.

Our goal is to provide excellence in health and safety, as we care about the safety of everyone who comes in to contact with our business. Our target is Zero Harm every day, through proactivity, education and a culture of mindfulness, consideration and care.

In all of our premises we promise to:

  • Maintain a culture of zero harm in all staff.
  • Ensure safe working practices are employed at all times, with no exceptions
  • Have a clear policy for yard traffic – to ensure safe working environments for all.
  • Keep a tidy environment, with a strict discipline of housekeeping
  • Have repairs clearly highlighted, with a plan and timeframe to repair.
  • Ensure the use of our Don’t Walk By policy for hazards and near miss’s.
  • Challenge and stop any staff, customer or visitors who are acting unsafe and inappropriately.
  • Continually exceed all health & Safety regulations, thus ensuring that staff, customers and visitors are in a safe environment whilst on our premises at all times.

Our target is ZeroHarm every day, therefore when on our premises we ask all staff, customers and visitors to stay alert and be safe:

When arriving:

  • Maximum speed limit of 5mph
  • Visitors must report to the trade counter
  • Children must be accompanied at all times and kept under control
  • Be aware of vehicles reversing
  • Be aware of forklift trucks operating
  • High visibility vests must be worn

Stay on side:

  • Use the chevron walkways
  • Keep to pedestrian chevron marked walkways and give way to vehicles
  • Stay clear of areas where forklift trucks and commercial vehicles operate

Forklifts are operating areas:

  • Never approach an operating forklift truck
  • Keep your distance from forklift trucks
  • Forklift trucks can be dangerous

Be seen, be safe:

  • Always wear your hi-vis and keep aware
  • The correct PPE must be worn at all times
  • Keep to pedestrian areas and give way to vehicles
  • Don’t just look out for yourself be mindful of others

Load safely:

  • Do not take or allow anyone to take unnecessary risks
  • Load vehicles safely and appropriately using the correct equipment and practices
  • If you see dangerous practices inform your manager or a member of staff immediately
  • Do not assist with potentially harmful practices

Don’t walk by

  • Report all hazards, including slips, trips and falls
  • All staff must deal with a hazard immediately
  • Don’t just report hazards, report all near miss’s too
  • Hazards and Near Miss’s should always be recorded, investigated with action to remove the risk

What is a near miss?

A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in an injury, ill health and damage or product loss but had the potential to do so.

The difference between a near miss and a serious injury accident is often a fraction of a second or a fraction of an inch. A near miss is a warning of a serious accident. By heeding these warnings and looking for their causes, we can mitigate serious accidents, injury or death from occurring.

Examples of Near Misses (but not limited to):

  • Stock falling from the racking
  • Vehicles skidding to avoid collision
  • Tools/equipment dropped from a height
  • Faulty equipment with the potential to cause harm

What is a Hazard?

A hazard is an unsafe situation where there was no accident but there was significant potential for injury or damage to be caused.

Examples of Hazards (but not limited to):

  • A person working unsafely – against training, horseplay, without the correct PPE
  • Unguarded machinery
  • Defective equipment
  • Uncontrolled hazardous substances
  • Operation of equipment by untrained personnel
  • Inadequate procedures

Our ZeroHarm commitment ensures that all customers, staff and visitors are safe whilst on our premises. ZeroHarm means sustaining a work environment which supports the health and safety of our staff, customers and visitors and minimises the impact our business has on the environment.

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