SIG Roofing pledges support to RoofCert

A four-year accreditation scheme that is set to transform the industry has received backing from the UK’s leader in roofing supplies.

RoofCert, which is jointly funded by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), is seeking to establish a formal standard for roofing operatives that will be recognised by consumers and companies across the construction supply chain.

SIG Roofing is supporting the CITB and NFRC in their mission to provide workers within the industry with a much-needed boost. RoofCert’s focus will be on capturing the current qualifications and experience in the workforce, together with a five-point plan looking at upskilling where required; attracting new talent; improving efficiency; encouraging the use of new technology; and improving roofing’s image.

The programme’s objective will be to achieve an initial 5,000 accredited roofing installers by completion in 2021.

Stuart Base, marketing director for SIG Roofing, commented: “We know our customers are facing many challenges across the board such as an ageing workforce through to lack of available training. RoofCert will help to bridge those gaps and will provide a certification delivering opportunities for career progression and continued development.”

Registration for installers is to launch in 2019 and is available for individual operatives. SIG Roofing joins companies across the supply chain, trade federations and training providers to pledge its support to RoofCert.

Damien Carr, content and publications manager, added: “The RoofCERT accreditation programme could be a game-changer for the roofing industry because individual roofing installers will now have the means to gain essential skills, increase their technical knowledge and demonstrate their competence to the client.

“This is about professionalising roofing and to do that we need to develop accreditation collaboratively, with all of the industry coming together to support the principles of professionalism. That is why the support of SIG Roofing and other suppliers is so important.”

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