ONE Warranty scheme adds flat roofing products

In a move to provide additional support to contractors, SIG Roofing has extended its market leading ONE Warranty scheme to provide 15-year coverage for flat roofing products as well as those for pitched roofs.

Since its launch in 2015, ONE Warranty has gone from strength to strength with contractors signing up to the single package product guarantee, which is designed to support the products involved in the build-up of the roof from batten to roof coverings.

Now, with coverage extended to include flat roofing products, the free-to-register product warranty gives contractors greater value and an even stronger offer to put to their customers.
Some 70% of contractors have, at one time or another, had to replace a roofing product through a warranty claim, which can be frustrating and time-consuming if dealing with multiple suppliers.

The simplicity of the ‘one-partner covers all’ ONE Warranty scheme takes away that inconvenience, while property owners have peace of mind knowing their roof is covered, which in turn gives them greater confidence in the contractor.

Richard Kendrick, Marketing Manager for SIG Roofing, said: “We are really excited about the new additions to the ONE Warranty scheme and are delighted to be providing our customers with additional support by extending it to cover products for flat roofs as well as those for pitched.

“For some contractors, flat roofs are their lifeblood, while for others they may be working on a project that includes pitched and flat roofs, so ONE Warranty’s flexibility is invaluable for them.”

Contractors wishing to take advantage of ONE Warranty simply have to register online at Once registered they will receive membership details and marketing materials to use with their customers. Contractors can then easily create a warranty for their project online, following the purchase and installation of products, for ONE Warranty to take effect.

For full details of the pitched and flat roofing products covered by ONE Warranty and for further information visit or contact a local SIG Roofing branch.

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