The whole truth

Whole roof systems provide a total tailored simple, reliable and cost-effective solution that makes a whole lot of sense.

Whole roof systems have become an increasingly popular choice for both new build and refurbishment projects as they provide a total roof solution you can trust. Available from specialist manufacturers and suppliers, they bring an alternative approach to the specification process by focusing on the long-term cost, reliability and performance of the roof, rather than the initial installation cost.

The benefits don’t stop there though. The advantages to you, the contractor, go way beyond just looking at whole life costs – there are numerous reasons why whole roof systems will benefit your business. Let’s take a closer look.

A whole roof system does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides all the individual components necessary for the roof from one single source. To ensure the ultimate solution, every system is tailored to meet the specific needs of each project including budget, design, performance and aesthetics.

It also completely eliminates the hassle of identifying and sourcing all the different components from a variety of suppliers – no small task, particularly for larger projects.

One of the beauties of specifying a whole roof system is that the materials are completely compatible with each other and typically all the materials have been developed and documented by one manufacturer and are of the highest quality. This is a major bonus, as you don’t have to worry about whether the different parts of the roof will work together or if they will last once you’ve finished the job. You can also be absolutely certain that all the components fully comply with the latest Standards and Regulations.

And while one manufacturer’s product may seem no different to others, there can be compliance and performance issues if certain components don’t function to the same standard. With whole roof systems, the compatibility of all the components from colour matching, sizing, fitting and correct fixings are guaranteed by the manufacturer or supplier – eliminating any risk. You can also access all compliance documentation as and when you need it.

As well as its comprehensive and quality design, a whole roof system allows you to place the design liability of the roofing solution directly onto the manufacturer or supplier. As long as you follow their guidelines, design liability guarantees can last between 10-15 years and cover all components in the system. For refurbishment projects that don’t carry NHBC warranties, that is an attractive option and helps ensure the roof continues to perform at its best for as many years as possible.

In the current highly competitive market we find ourselves in, any commercial advantage you can gain when quoting for new business has to be a good thing. So offering your customers the peace of mind of a 10-15 years whole roof warranty for free will help you stand out amongst other contractors vying for the work. And of course the other option is to not pass on the warranty for free and increase your margin on a project by selling the warranty as an added value service.

With a whole roof system, you don’t have to deal with a variety of different components from various manufacturers and suppliers. Instead, you benefit from a cohesive supply chain that is simple and easy to manage. Improved efficiency through ‘On Time in Full’ deliveries means you can enjoy one delivery from one single supplier. It also makes ordering a lot easier as well. And, if there are any issues with the system in the future, there’s only one point of contact to deal with.

What’s the alternative? Taking the time to break down the whole roof system into their component parts, with some limited knowledge of how the products work together and buying them individually with a perceived cheaper cost. All of which can cause issues that can sometimes compromise the overall performance and durability of the roof. Whole roof systems mean you don’t have to think about any of that. They give you single source design support and reliability of supply, both of which are critical for roofing specification and play a major part in reducing whole-life costs. Now, that does make a whole lot of sense.