Swim, cycle & run to the finish line

Next year sees the 10th anniversary since our very own Roofing Racers first dipped their toes in the world of the London triathlon. Are you up for the challenge?

Few things in life are quite as exhilarating and rewarding as the swim, cycle and run of the London Triathlon. A 750m dip in the River Thames, followed by a 20km bike ride, then ending with a 5km sprint to the finishing line is certainly no mean feat! So, it’s all the more incredible that what started out as a light-hearted joke in a board meeting, has now grown into a key part of the roofing industry’s calendar.


The Roofing Racers participation in the annual London Triathlon has turned into a glorious event that we can all be proud of. There were only around 20 participants in their first year, but since then the event has gone from strength to strength as word has spread throughout the industry, fuelling friendly competition between colleagues, suppliers and customers. A decade on and the heroic efforts of all involved have raised over £420,000 for their two fantastic charities: Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and Macmillan Cancer Support.

On bike, on foot or in water, the Roofing Racers take whatever Mother Nature throws at them and overcome it. It’s a rare opportunity for everyone in our industry to come together and join in the spirit of the competition, reaping the rewards of fun, friendship, fitness and camaraderie along the way. And, you can be part of it!
Whether you want to take on all 3 disciplines alone or compete in a team of three, joining the Roofing Racers is a great way to get fit and have fun along the way. And, of course, every penny you raise goes to our charities, making the whole event even more worthwhile. The event is open to all ages and backgrounds within the Roofing, Roofline and Windows industries. So if you’re a first
timer, sports enthusiast or an experienced triathlete all are welcome. To find out more information about how to get involved at www.roofingracers.com.