Competence Builds Confidence

How joining CompetentRoofer saves you time, money and assures your customers that they’re in good hands.

The CompetentRoofer scheme is a Government – licenced Competent Person programme that allows roofers to self-certify their own roof refurbishment work as compliant with the Building Regulations in England and Wales. All jobs have to satisfy these regulations, so if you’re not able to self-certify you’ll need to get the Local Authority to sign your projects off as complete and compliant.

competent roofer

The scheme is managed by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) under licence from the Department for Communities and Local Government. Becoming a member is a great way to save time, money and give your customers further assurance of you and your services.

Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are developed by the Government and approved by Parliament and are not something you can disregard. If ignored the contractor could face a hefty fine and the cost of putting the work right. As a CompetentRoofer you can sign your work off as compliant and save yourself valuable time and money.

CompetentRoofer is an accreditation of the contractor’s technical ability to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. It is quite distinct from trade associations like the NFRC. While both do fantastic work for the industry, with members enjoying all the benefits they bring, you still need to become a member of CompetentRoofer before selfcertifying your work.
The main membership benefit is that you don’t need to wait for a Local Authority surveyor to inspect the work – saving you both time and money. The scheme covers all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties and anyone can apply (as long as you’re a roofer!)
CompetentRoofer also issues insurancebacked guarantees on behalf of its members at no extra cost to the building owner!

CompetentRoofer is open to all roofing contractors and once you apply for membership a series of checks are carried out. These are followed by an audit of your site and quality management procedures, technical competence and health and safety practices. There’s also an on-site inspection of work in progress. Members are fully vetted and inspected a minimum of twice per year, which gives your clients extra assurance that they’re working with a reputable contractor.

Yes. CompetentRoofer offers ease, flexibility and very low cost for notification of roofing refurbishment works. It’s given contractors all over the UK a seriously competitive edge, and saved their customers significant amounts of money and, of course, time. Membership of the scheme also assures your customers that you’re a credible, competent roofing company that provides quality work and peace of mind.

  • Save time and money by being able to provide an all-in-one service to your customers
  • No need for you or your customers to pay for a Building Control Officer
  • Domestic works receive a 10 year insolvency warranty, included in the price
  • You can include the cost of self-certification in your pricing
  • Members are listed by Local Authorities

Janine Brady, Marketing Manager at SIG Roofing recommends the membership: “CompetentRoofer has over 500 members who completed over 7500 jobs from January to October 2015. That’s double for the same period in 2014. And, when you look at how it can help contractors, it’s no surprise it’s growing. After all, it can cost up to £400 each time you need to go to building control as opposed to £40 if you’re a member. It’s a badge of assurance that shows you are a quality operator who can self-certify and save your contractor money, while giving them peace of mind. Everyone who can join, should!”

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