Time to train…

Need to fit Flat Roofing training into your busy schedule?

With so many different flat roofing techniques, new technologies and an increasing number of product solutions – now’s the time to train!

Manufacturers’ training tells you all about the product, its uses, and provides clear guidance on installing the field area and managing areas of detail to get the perfect finish. So, if you’re keen to find out more about some of the products that manufacturers offer training for, read on.


Accredited / approved contractors schemes offer contractors exclusive use of specific products, as well as a number of additional benefits.


Armourplan High-quality Reinforced PVC Roof System
A polyester-reinforced PVC membrane for use on a wide range of applications, including refurbishment, new build and specialist installations like simulated metal roofs.

Hydrostop AH-25 – Liquid Waterproofing System
An innovative one-component liquid waterproofing, offering significant advantages. It’s ideal for sensitive projects in schools, hospitals and food production facilities

CrysticRoof GRP Premium (BBA) System
A BBA approved ‘insitu’ cold applied Glass Reinforced Polyester. Ideal for new builds, walkways, rooflights, green roofs and areas with foot traffic.

RubberBond EPDM
A single ply membrane with exceptional weather resistance, providing an unmatched, superior flat roof system. Ideal for virtually any residential, commercial or industrial flat roofing project.

Rhenofol PVC & Rhepanol PIB
A single ply system suitable for us on a wide range of roofing applications.


You can take advantage of regular training on the following products.


FIX-R EPDM Membrane System
Strong, lightweight, easily installed and a great solution for renovation and new installations.

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing System
A hybrid polymer liquid system. Simple to use straight from the bucket and applied by brush, roller or spray. Ideal for flame-free application, new build, repair or refurbishment.

CrysticRoof GRP Roofing System (standard)
Cold applied Glass Reinforced system, specially formulated for ease of application. For use on walkways, balconies, garages and roof structures both domestic and commercial.

FIX-R Classic Torch on Roofing System
Torch-applied built up roofing system. Ideal for new and the repair of existing felt and asphalt roofs.


Manufacturers and suppliers will also offer bespoke training, tailored to your individual requirements. Email [email protected] telling us what you need and we will be happy to help.