FIT-R Silicones and Sealants

FIT-R’s Silicones and Sealants range is the latest to be added to the FIT-R collection, joining FIT-R Gutterbrush.

The range offers all the silicone and sealant materials roofing contractors need from Super Glue Activators and Foam Guns to Pro Grab Adhesives and LMN & LMA Silicones. See the full list below.

Features and benefits

There are 10 individual products within the FIT-R Silicones and Sealants range – namely:

  • FIT-R Pro-Grab Adhesive – High quality adhesive suitable for internal and external use, in all weather conditions
  • FIT-R LMA Silicone – Used for sealing gaps and general weatherproofing, suitable for exterior and interior applications
  • FIT-R LMN Silicone – High performance, door and window frame perimeter sealant
  • FIT-R Lead Sealant – Fast skinning LMN sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise
  • FIT-R PU Foam – B3 Gun grade, ideal for sealing window or doorframe cavities. Suitable for sealing, bonding, filling and insulating most construction materials
  • FIT-R Caulk – Quick drying, permanently flexible decorator’s caulk
  • FIT-R Industrial Glass Cleaner – Fast acting all-purpose cleaner with non-smear formulation. Trigger spray for easy application
  • FIT-R PVCu Solvent Cleaner: – Fast acting cleaner that removes ingrained dirt and restores surface colour from PVCu materials
  • FIT-R Super Glue – A high viscosity adhesive for multiple surface use
  • FIT-R Super Glue Activator – An accelerator to improve the cure rate of adhesive, with instant bonding properties
  • FIT-R PU Foam: – One-component polyurethane assembly foam based on a moisture curing polyurethane prepolymer
  • FIT-R PVCu Solvent Cleaner – Fast acting cleaner that removes ingrained dirt and restores surface colour from PVCu materials
  • FIT-R Super Glue: – Combines high tensile strength with improved impact resistance resulting in a toughened bond

This all-encompassing Silicones and Sealants range was designed with the FIT-R key brand values of: quality, value, competitiveness, consistency and reliability in mind.

FIT-R Silicones and Sealants are available at any SIG Roofing branch, nationwide, and will form part of SIG’s Core Range offering, further enhancing the collection of products that are always available and always in stock, no matter which SIG Roofing branch you visit.