Shore thing

Lymington Shores in Hampshire is a Redrow high-end residential development that needed multiple single-ply roof specifications for 12 villas and three apartment blocks.


Sitting in a prestigious waterfront location, just off the Lymington Marina with views of the river and beyond, the sheer scale of this project was quite a prospect. A total of 164 different roof areas covering 11,931m2 meant that the contractor, Flat Roofing Membranes Ltd (FRM), knew they had their work cut out from the start. They were, however, more than up to the challenge!


Managing Director, Julian Rodgers explains: “In the whole of my 30-year career in flat roofing, I’ve never worked on a project as challenging as this in terms of scope, scale and complexity.” And, when you look at what was involved it’s easy to see what he means. The team needed to deliver complex roof design and high-impact aesthetics using sustainable membranes and high-quality workmanship. Four distinct types of roof areas demanded that the installation team drew on all their knowledge, skills and experience with approximately 10 skilled installers who worked on the project continuously. Together they have a combined experience of probably 200 years and each has been trained and approved to install FDT’s Rhepanol system – the membrane chosen for the job.

While in principle Rhepanol fk is relatively easy to install, (it has a factory-manufactured, self-sealing edge), the highest standards of workmanship were required on this high-end residential development. The green pitched roof areas presented the greatest level of technical difficulty to the installers. Visible from every angle, ‘perfect’ execution of both field area and standing seam detailing was required to meet both regulations and aesthetics to all 71 roofs.

All standing seams needed to run exactly as per the design criteria, and to perfectly replicate a standing seam metal roof finish. Also, challenges such as differing climatic conditions (for example, hot to cold days on site), complex sloped flat interfacing and avoiding marking or stretching the membrane meant that each installer needed to draw fully on both their own experience and skill plus that of the rest of the team.

The scale and scope of the project was such that an oversized insulation board was specified for speed of installation and reduction of wastage. Coordination of quantities and careful timing and scheduling of deliveries were also critical to ensure continuity of work on site.


The professionalism of the team and the pains they took to do things correctly is demonstrated by the fact there were no reported accidents while work was carried out. The steps to ensure everyone’s safety on site, included:

• Developing, approving and logging method statements across a multitude of scenarios before starting work
• Regular Tool Box Talks
• Qualified supervisors always on site
• Using protection against UV exposure
• Wearing correct PPE including footwear
• Checking ‘tagged’ access equipment and scaffold to ensure it was correctly installed
• Using the correct tools and equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

As the development is next to Lymington Town Railway Station the team also took great care to make sure debris didn’t fall onto either the track or pedestrians. During SIG Design Technology’s regular inspections, compliance against the applicable codes of practice was monitored continually and only trained operatives were permitted to install FDT’s Rhepanol fk.


The result of all this hard work is an impressive collection of penthouses and duplexes in a gorgeous and prestigious waterfront location. Managing Director, Julian Rogers had this to say about the experience: “The project far exceeds the typical flat roofing application and it has given us the opportunity to utilise our expert workmanship to the full in terms of fulfilling both functional and aesthetic demands over what has been a 4-year long programme.”

SIG Design Technology’s Trading Director, Mike Crook agrees: “As sole UK distributor of FDT membranes, I believe this to be probably the most complex project with high impact finished aesthetics that we have seen undertaken using Rhepanol fk.”

The Lymington Shore project was shortlisted in this years UK Roofing Awards for the Flat Roofing Membrane Single Ply category. Well deserved recognition for the work done by FRM on this amazing project!

Overall, this development shows the talent we have in British roofing today. To bring the whole project in on time and to budget meant FRM had to work extremely closely with both enabling and following trades, engage in detailed logistical planning, and provide the workforce with the correct training and supervision. All of which they achieved. And some!
Rhepanol fk
Supplied by SIG Design Technology, FDT’s Rhepanol fk membrane met Redrow’s requirements on sustainable choices of materials.

Made from Polyisobutylene (PIB), a synthetic rubber, Rhepanol fk is the only membrane currently available with a full Life Cycle Assessment that meets DIN EN ISO 14040 part FF.

This means it has no significant environmental impact at any time between its manufacturer and eventual disposal.