Monte Carlo or bust for SR Timber car rally duo

Shaun Revill and Duncan Hargreaves from SR Timber are gearing up for life in the fast lane as they prepare to take part in the Pavestone Rally this autumn.


Over the course of an action-packed four days this September, the intrepid pair will wind their way through ten European countries to raise money for charity. However, the duo won’t be driving expensive supercars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis or McLarens. Oh, no. Instead they will have to buy, pimp  and ride the cheapest car they can find.



The rules of the Pavestone Rally are pretty straightforward: entrants have a budget of just £500 to buy a road-legal car they can ‘decorate’ and then drive through countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy before arriving in Monaco. To add a little more flavour to proceedings, they also have to drive in fancy dress, and so are thinking of themes to pay homage to their flagship Premium Gold roofing batten.

After much searching, Shaun and Duncan have found the perfect banger ready to line up at the start in Dover on 7th September, as they bid to raise money for two charities that the Pavestone Rally is supporting.

And, while the pair can’t wait for the event to get going, they have admitted that a lot rests on the car getting them there in one piece.

“We are experts in timber –  not cars,” said Shaun.  “So picking one that can stand up to the demands of four days of gruelling driving is pot luck.

Between us, we can do some basic car maintenance, but that’s about it – so we’re hoping we picked a good one so that we can enjoy the rally as much as possible.”

The route will take them from Dover to Belgium and Luxembourg before heading through Germany and Switzerland to Liechtenstein. From there, they will go through Austria and head over the Stelvio Pass into Italy before driving back to France and finishing in Monte Carlo.

The Pavestone Rally is aiming to raise money for both the Rainy Day Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust, and Duncan is confident that Team SR Timber will raise much more than the £1,500 target.

“I’m sure all our customers and suppliers will rally round and support our efforts to raise money for two very deserving charities. Both will benefit enormously from every penny we are able to raise through sponsorship and donations,”  said Duncan.

“Besides, we have high standards to live up to because our last big charity fundraiser topped more than £5,000 for the British Heart Foundation, after two members of staff climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year.”

And on that bombshell, we wish them both good speed and look forward to hearing all about their adventures when they return.

Should you wish to support Shaun and Duncan and the very deserving charities, you can donate at: