Trustmark urges homeowners to brace their home with the arrival of the arctic blast


As severe weather sweeps across Britain today, TrustMark, the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home, is urging homeowners to brace their homes now as extreme cold and flooding could put a big strain on their homes and safety.

“Protecting your home is vital, particularly when a frozen water pipe can burst and flood your house or an ice dam in your gutter can cause water to seep into and saturate an interior wall,” says Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark. “With this blast of freezing weather, we want homeowners to be prepared in case the worst does happen enabling them to fix any problems as soon as possible, either by doing the work themselves if you have the right skills or by calling in a qualified and inspected tradesperson from a reputable ‘find a trader’ scheme such as TrustMark.  With more than 21,000 licensed trades and the largest database of accredited tradespeople in the country, people can feel confident that by employing a TrustMark registered tradesperson, both high standards and quality of workmanship will be met.”

By taking some precautions and dealing with problems at an early stage can often ward off the need for more extensive and expensive repairs later on.  Below is a list of weather winter tips to help get your home through this severe stretch of cold:

  • Clean out the gutters, ensure any outlets are clear of leaves and debris and check for any leaks or damage. If possible, shut off outside water valves.
  • Cast your eye over the roof from ground level to look for problem signs such as loose or missing tiles and watch for any early signs of leaks or condensation on the ceilings.
  • Repair roof leaks and remove tree branches that could get weighed down with ice or snow and fall on your house – or your neighbour’s.
  • Look out for cracked, loose or missing pointing or rendering on exterior walls and have this fixed before water finds it way in.
  • Get your boiler and/or central heating serviced or inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer. A well-maintained boiler will burn less fuel so having your boiler checked and your heating system serviced will save money and, most importantly, it could potentially avoid a terrible tragedy.
  • Get your insulation up to scratch – lag pipes and water tanks, fit draught excluders and insulate your loft properly.
  • If you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed when you’re not using it and make sure your furniture isn’t blocking your home’s radiators or heating vents.
  • Keep a list of useful numbers handy in case of emergency – include your plumber, gas installer, roofer and electrician.

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