About SIG RoofSpace

SIG RoofSpace designs, manufactures and installs panelised roofing systems throughout the UK. We take the clients units from wall plate upwards.

Our package includes:

    • Insulated Spandrel Panels and Insulated Roof Panels
    • GRP or Traditional Timber Dormers
    • Velux windows or similar
    • UPVC Fascia and Soffit or Timber
    • All Craneage including appointed persons and slinger/signallers
    • Lath Felt and Tile

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We generally install a pair of units in one day saving approx. 2-3 weeks on the clients build programme and are cost neutral against traditional forms of construction, our package also has major health & safety benefits in reducing the risk when working at height.

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SIG RoofSpace was set up in January 2008 following feedback from construction professionals to provide a safer solution for constructing 2.5 storey roofs following the introduction of PPG3. General construction methods is to build these roofs using blockwork, steels and top hat trusses, due to the roof pitches required for ‘loft living’ this creates large areas of un supported blockwork at the gables. There have been many instances throughout the UK where due to high level winds where these gables have been known to collapse causing major health & safety concerns.


Our solution reduces these risks by removing the blockwork element on both the external wall and party wall with spandrel panels, with our specialist erection teams we are also reducing the amount of ‘footfall’ up and down the scaffolding during the traditional construction process which is endorsed by the HSE. SIG RoofSpace provides one package from wall plate upwards, all this at NO EXTRA COST. Click Here to visit our website and find out more.