How TrustMark can help you

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark is the only Government endorsed scheme for almost all trades in and around the home. TrustMark award Registered Firms with the Government-endorsed accreditation after thorough vetting and inspections to ensure the firm is raising industry standards. This accreditation gives customers reassurance of quality and protects them against rogue traders.

It’s the only ‘find a tradesperson’ scheme to cover all 3 cornerstones of quality: good trading practices, good customer service and technical competence.

If a firm is TrustMark registered, it is working to a code of practice set down by an approved Scheme Operator and standards that give customers greater confidence and protection. TrustMark Registered Firms are checked and monitored against recognised British, international or industry standards. TrustMark aim to ensure that property owners receive a good standard of workmanship and that any complaint will be treated fairly if there is a problem.

TrustMark’s approved Scheme Operators (which include trade associations, local authorities / Trading Standards, certification inspection schemes and commercial organisations) check the performance of their registered firms. In turn, the TrustMark team monitors approved Scheme Operators on behalf of the TrustMark Board. The Board reviews each approved scheme operator’s performance, taking into account an independent assessment of the quality of their work, how they handle complaints, and so on.

What are the trade benefits?
Contractors joining TrustMark will enjoy a number of key benefits for their business.

  • Secure more business
  • Being able to display the TrustMark logo gives businesses credibility and means customers are more likely to select theirs over others, particularly if they have not had recommendations from family and friends. As the only Government endorsed ‘find a tradesperson’ scheme in the UK, contractors set their business apart from competitors by having TrustMark’s backing and support. It also gives contractors another way of appearing in search results, so businesses details will be displayed to a larger audience and more regularly. As a TrustMark registered firm, contractors can use the TrustMark logo on their branding materials, sending out a clear signal to their customers that they have successfully undergone thorough vetting and inspection procedures. TrustMark is a badge contractors earn, rather than other schemes that only require a fee to successfully register.

  • Search inclusion
  • The TrustMark website has over 720,000 tradespeople’s details displayed every month from customers using our ‘find a tradesperson’ search engine, putting contractors in touch with a vast number of people in their area.

  • Own web page
  • Contractors will have their own unique web page on the TrustMark site, displaying their firm’s name, address and contact details, as well as allowing customers to access and leave reviews on their business and see photographs from previous jobs.

  • Engagement on social media
  • Follow TrustMark on Twitter and Facebook. TrustMark encourage firms to engage with them and share photos, success stories and generally promote their firms. TrustMark will be happy to retweet and share messages that interest others.

  • Receive customer feedback
  • Contractors will receive complementary feedback cards to give to their customers, encouraging them to leave reviews of their firm on the TrustMark website and build up a positive set of reviews for their firm.

  • Access to Dispute Resolution process
  • TrustMark is an official ADR provider, which means any firm registered with TrustMark and any customers using one of their registered firms have access to this service.
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  • Vehicle stickers
  • Vehicle stickers come complementary as part of the pack that contractors receive when they register with TrustMark. Contractors can put this on your vehicle alongside their own branding and secure more business by showing the TrustMark logo whilst on the move.

To become a TrustMark registered firm contractors need to register through a Scheme Operator first.
The only way to become TrustMark registered, is to be inspected and approved by one of TrustMark’s Scheme Operators as it is not possible to join TrustMark directly. To find out more details about TrustMark’s Scheme Operators or join please visit:

Registered Office: SIG Trading Limited, Adsetts House, 16 Europa View, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, S9 1XH. Registered in England No. 01451007 VAT No. GB 487 01733