More T vicar?

When The Old Rectory in St. Botolph, Norfolk, needed a new slate roof, SIGA Natural Slate’s 39T slate helped create a beautiful finish, preserving the heritage of this historic building.


At three stories high, the existing roof was significantly deteriorated from the weather and had a number of different types of slates and finishes on  a mix of pitched and flat areas.  In other words it was a bit of  a mess! The vicar looked to the contractor, A Royden Roofing, for advice on the  type of slate to use.


The mission was to find a way to reroof the building with a new, improved and consistent finish that was in keeping with  the style and history of the property –  whilst preserving its beauty. Fortunately, SIGA had just the solution!


The roof area was extensive at 250m² and had been updated on a number of different occasions. To complicate matters, the flat roof areas were finished with bitumen and felt which had started to tear and shrink, adding to the roof’s rather ragged aesthetic.

It was clear the project needed a high quality solution that was guaranteed to last for many years, give an outstanding finish and restore the building back to its former glory. The contractor also needed  to provide a single package warranty and SIG Roofing’s unique ONE Warranty was the perfect choice – as it would give the property owner peace of mind that the pitched roof products performance would be covered for 15 years.


The contractor had already worked with SIGA Natural Slate on previous projects, enjoying the quality and the confidence that each slate is fully traceable, tested to  BS EN 12326:2014 requirements, and  CE Marked, with warranties backed by  SIG Roofing, a FTSE 250 organisation.

After assessing the issues and investigating the most suitable solutions for each area, the contractor recommended SIGA 39T, from SIGA’s Specification range, which has a 75 year warranty. SIGA 39T is a high quality slate with a uniform thickness which meant little or no sorting of the  slates was required, saving time and  helping to ensure the project went as smoothly as possible.

The roof contained 3 chimneys and a large roof lantern which sat on a turret. The lantern added significant complexity to the project, which had to be halted to wait for its delivery. During this pause in proceedings, the roof had to remain watertight so glass reinforced plastic was used. For the installation of the lantern itself, intricate cutting of the slates was required as well as delicate lead work.

For the two main flat roof areas CrysticROOF was chosen. This glass reinforced plastic is a robust, environmentally safe composite and complemented the slate perfectly.

The roof was reconstructed using SR Timber Premium Gold Batten and Klober Permo® Air underlay, along with Paslode batten nails. These high quality products added value to the project and they qualified for ONE Warranty.


The project was completed on time and to budget, taking around 5 weeks in total and The Old Rectory has now been returned to its former glory with a stunning new roof which will be in place for many years to come.

The careful selection of products has  given an outstanding aesthetic to this historic building, and ensured that the roof products performance are covered for 15 years with SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty. Both the contractor and property owner have peace of mind that quality products have been used and have been installed correctly.

Andrew Royden from A Royden Roofing, the Main Contractor, was overjoyed with the outcome. He commented: “SIGA Slate is a brilliant product to work with. I favour it over any other slate, because it’s so easy to use, and there’s very little sorting required which is a great time saving benefit.”

ONE WARRANTY covers your pitched roof products’ performance for 15 years – providing a single warranty package that is easy to understand and even easier to use.

ONE WARRANTY is designed to provide peace of mind to the property owner that their investment is well protected and to make roofing contractors’ lives  as simple as possible, whilst offering you a competitive edge.



  • ONE warranty for the roof products’ performance
  • ONE supplier for goods and warranty
  • ONE warranty registration process
  • ONE contact to process a claim