Issue 31

Taking a closer look at industry myths


Like a lot of other industries, there are many misconceptions in the roofing industry, from the best materials and products to use, to the standards you need to follow. In this issue of INSIGHT we speak to members of our industry to see what common misconceptions we can resolve and find out about innovations that could change the way we work and think about roofing.


There’s a widely-held belief that people used to think the world was flat (apparently some still do!) and that if you went far enough you’d fall off. This illustrates how myths and misconceptions can affect how we behave and what we achieve – who wants to risk getting in a boat to discover new lands if you think you’re going to sail off the edge of the world?Roofing, as with many industries, is awash with beliefs about best practice, products and materials; some of these will be right, others quite definitely not so. What is true is that myths serve only one purpose – to muddy the waters and whilst doing so getting in the way of the job at hand. Busting these misconceptions helps provide clarity and shine a light on how to get the best results possible with the minimum of fuss.

In that spirit this issue looks at some of the areas in roofing where, contrary to commonly held ideas, there might be a better way. Things change, so what was true 10 or even 5 years ago might not be the case now. There’s a lot to look out for including the most frequently asked questions in industrial roofing and cladding, how to choose the right pitched roof accessories for the job and how to guard against wind uplift.

In addition, new guidelines were recently issued for safe practice when using gas torches on Torch On membranes and you can find out how to become Safe2Torch Registered. Plus, find out why the future is blue roofs, which provide sustainable drainage solutions during heavy rainfall.

You can also find information on the benefits of aluminium and get a free sample of easy to fit single piece tile clips. Along with tips for installing the best flat roof possible and how EPDM can overlay virtually any flat roof (. We also talk about how to reduce sound transmission in a metal roof and how bespoke solutions are more accessible than ever before, whilst still giving you the right WOW factor.

In conclusion, in any industry there will always be myths to dispel. So, next time you hear an industry myth, remember to ask yourself, “Is it really true?”

Industry View


Roofing news in brief!

The lead roll made almost exclusively from recycled car batteries AND in-branch demonstration days…Read More

Blue sky thinking at its finest

Kevin Taylor, Head of Technical Services at the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) explains how blue roofs provide valuable sustainable drainage solutions. Read More

If it ain’t broke…

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and this is particularly true with brands – we trust manufacturers to bring us a quality product and not to change a winning formula which we’ve grown to rely on for consistent quality. Read More

How the batten business has evolved

The roofing batten business has changed beyond recognition since SR Timber Managing Director Shaun Revill joined it over 25 years ago. Read More

Pitched Roofing


Make a breeze of wind loading

Understanding wind loadings is crucial for a successful roof, as the structural design can prevent damage to a roof. Read More

Keeping up appearances

If you’re embarking on a heritage project, following a few simple steps can help you restore an original clay roof to its former glory. Read More

What does the new dry fix Standard mean for you?

2018 sees the introduction of a new British Standard, BS 86 12: Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling. Marley Eternit explain how it affects roofing contractors. Read More


Better slate than ever!

Although demand for premium natural roofing slate is strong, you need to make sure you get what you pay for. Read More

Product know-how

Klober help to put right some misconceptions about commonly used roofing products. Read More

No half measures


How following best practice can guard against wind uplift on slate roofs. Read More

Clip it!

TIL-R Tile Clips are easy to fit single piece clips, which can be used with most roof tiles from leading UK manufacturers, without compromising the performance of the roof. Read More

You can count on concrete

As the most popular man-made material on the planet, concrete just keeps on getting better. Read More

On top of the world

Tiles and Tyvek® help roofer achieve prestigious international award. Read More

Flat Roofing


Liquid hunch

How do you know when to choose liquid waterproofing over, say, single ply membrane or hot melt? Here are six scenarios where liquid waterproofing is the best option. Read More

Safe2Torch helps to reduce fire risk

The NFRC recently issued new guidelines for safe practice when using gas torches in roofing. Read More

Fuss-free flat roofing!

Top tips to help you get the most out of your flat roof. Read More

Rubber soul

EPDM can overlay virtually any flat roof, making it ideal for use in refurbishment and improvement projects - no wonder that this rubber membrane is such a popular choice for both domestic and commercial flat roofing. Read More


With my reputation?!

For some, the reputation for being tricky to work with is well earnt…Whitney Houston springs to mind…for others not so much!In the case of roofing, aluminium has sometimes had a bad rap for not being the easiest material to work with. This is a myth that needs to be busted, as pioneering use of new materials and manufacturing techniques means it’s no longer based on fact…. Read More

Seamlessly bespoke

Alumasc tell us how advances in design and manufacturing now make it possible for individual solutions to be made within tight timescales - whilst still being cost effective.The word bespoke conjures up a picture of made to measure high end products and social prestige… Read More

Industrial Roofing


Getting off to a good start

There are many key factors to consider at the outset to ensure your project begins successfully. Here we look at three things you can do to start your industrial project on the front foot. Read More


Industrial myth busting

Lee Hall, Commercial Manager of SIG Industrial Roofing, answers some of the most frequently asked questions his team tackle every day. Read More


Ticking all the boxes

To meet the energy efficiency, fire performance and ease of installation requirements of today’s projects, a growing number of specifiers are turning to insulated panel systems. Read More


Sound investments

The nature of metal deck profiled roofs has long presented a challenge when it comes to controlling reverberation and creating environments which are fit for purpose. Read More