Issue 29

Higher standards, better results

In this issue of INSIGHT we look at how contractors are affected and can benefit from industry standards and legislation.

Standards and legislation  affect every aspect of our daily lives. In fact it’s pretty difficult to imagine an area of the modern world that isn’t governed by standards in one way or another. And, while this does mean we have to keep up with how the rules change over time, as an industry and individual contractors we can benefit from the many good things that having standards brings.

Standards are useful for a number of reasons. For a start, they ensure the things we use on a daily basis all interact seamlessly, from aerospace and electronics to green technology, transport and construction. Without them, the world would be full of things that didn’t fit together, work or last for any length of time. Standards make products function better, deliver our requirements as the person installing or using them and protect consumers. In a nutshell, they fuel the development and implementation of technologies that influence and transform the way we live, work and communicate. And, roofing, of course, is no exception. Our industry, by its very nature, has an ever evolving suite of standards to ensure we’re all on a level playing field.

In this issue we look at a number of ways Standards and legislation are affecting the quality of workmanship, materials and products at our disposal. We also cover how organisations such as the NFRC are putting Health and Safety at the heart of everything they do (page 8), to airtight standards for increased energy efficiency (page 17). Plus, there’s information on how to make sure you’re complying with Part L2 of Building Regulations (page 36), when to use air open underlays (page 16), and fixings on fibre cement slates to help us comply with the revised BS 5534:2014 (page 18). And, much more besides.

As this issue of INSIGHT shows, standards are there for a reason. For those that follow them the benefits are tangible – more satisfied customers, more efficient ways of working and quite often lower costs. Overall, they’ll help you improve the quality of your service, meet your deadlines and keep your projects on track. All of which is very good for business.

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  • Russell Roof Tiles explains T-Levels & how this benefits contractors
  • Voting opens for Britain’s Best Cafe!

Case Studies:

  • Find out why SIGA Natural Slate was the perfect solution for a complex re-roof
  • Read why SIGnature Torch On Felt ticked all the boxes for a leaky roof
  • SIG Design Technology reveals impressive results for FDT membranes


Congratulations to our reader Robert Murt of The Flat Roofing Company who is our latest competition winner.

Robert entered our INSIGHT issue 28 word search competition  to win a two-step ladder!

We asked Robert why he reads INSIGHT and he told us: “I’ve been reading the INSIGHT magazine for years and find it really helpful with what’s new on the market, as well as keeping us updated with any changes that’s of use  to our company. The magazine is very useful and long may it continue! I’ve never won anything in my life…think I’ll have to try the lottery now!!”

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