Wakaflex – your flexible friend

The time saving, lead-free flashing from Klober, with exceptional bond strength and stretchability!

In the competitive world of lead-free flashing, it’s easy to assume that the products available are broadly similar. Klober’s Wakaflex, however, stands out from the competition. All thanks to the reputation it has forged over the years for strength, flexibility and ease of use – offering a quick and easy solution for building owners.


Extremely versatile, Wakaflex can be used for everything from stepped abutments and chimney flashing, to sealing solar panels, rooflights, hips, valleys, saddles and pitch transitions. It’s ideal for complex detailing work, sealing of double-lapped tiles or forming over deeply profiled tiles. Wakaflex is not susceptible to thermal movement and it doesn’t require any fixing clips. You can even use it for dry valley work, particularly closing off, as it provides a simple, effective and instantly weatherproof junction.

If it was any more flexible, it would be teaching yoga!


  • BBA-certified and wind tunnel-tested
  • Temperature and UV-stable it has performed in some of the world’s harshest climates for over 20 years
  • High strength butylon backing gives an immediate and unbreakable bond
  • Particularly useful for sealing laps as the backing immediately self-welds to the facing
  • Seals gas, oil and wood burner flue penetrations
  • High malleability means it is stretchable by up to 50% in either direction without using a forming tool
  • Available in lead grey, black, terracotta and brown

Wakaflex offers a fast, flexible and quality flashing solution that will last for years.

The new Wakaflex® Uni-Outlet has been designed for use with the lead-free flashing as a gas flue on pitches from 17.5° – 45°.

  • Available in six diameters from 25mm – 125mm
  • Made from durable heat, UV and shrink-resistant EPDM
  • Available in lead grey, black, terracotta and brown
  • Compatible with all types of clay and concrete tiles, slates and metal roofing systems