T1 for quality

Lifting the grey on slate quality.

Natural slate is one of the world’s oldest and most continuously used roofing materials, featured throughout many of the UK’s historic buildings. As architects, specifiers, contractors and developers look to build even more new properties, natural slate remains an extremely popular choice. Yet, despite all National House Building Council (NHBC) work needing T1 slates since 2009, many T2 slates continue to find their way onto building sites across the UK. To combat the problem, SIGA are leading the way by ensuring that from now on ALL their slates are T1 quality and so suitable for any work with the NHBC.

As a mark of quality, BS EN 12326:2014 is there to help you choose the best quality slate, by comparing and testing its key physical properties. One of these tests is the ‘Thermal Cycle’ which is used to indicate whether a slate is a T1 or T2 classification – essentially thoroughly assessing the levels of rust and oxidisation within the slate.

If the slate is classified as T1, this means there is no apparent change or minimal surface rust/changes to affect the structure or cause discolouration.

T2 classification means there is evidence of oxidisation or appearance changes of the metallic inclusions that may cause staining, pitting and/or delamination. This could, in turn, lead to the potential failure of the slate.

By cutting T2 slates out of their range, SIGA aren’t taking any chances. With more new builds planned due to Government targets, the company isn’t prepared to take a risk on the quality of their products and safety of users and homeowners. That’s the sort of assurance, reliability and expertise that means the house building industry can sustain growth and meet its targets without compromising on quality.

With SIGA you can be confident your slate is the real deal and suitable for any job, regardless of the type of property you’re working on.