Shoot from the hip

The Hambleside Danelaw Universal Ridge and Hip System is designed for longevity and durability, so will save you time and money long term.

On a building site, time is money. Meaning it’s important to use quality products and efficient processes to avoid unnecessary delays and costly mistakes. Quick fixes can easily backfire, so even when you’re under deadline pressures, it’s always best to use the most appropriate product for the job – first time, every time.


The Hambleside Danelaw Ridge and Hip System is one of those products that combines both proven reliability and ease of use. Its patented gasket offers an adaptable solution for ventilation, while the wider butyl adhesive strip provides a greater contact area for more secure adhesion.
The only system on the market suitable for use with ‘capped’ angle ridge and hip tiles, it provides complete assurance of quality and suitability.


  • Patented gasket features weatherproof continuous integrated water channels
  • Self-sealing detail for the 100mm stainless steel fixing screws give improved long term reliability
  • No need for additional sealing washers
  • Dry Fix solution that adheres to BS 5534:2014
  • Robust, versatile, stainless steel fixing clips for cut hip tiles available for a range of tile thicknesses
  • Available in either 6m or 3m packs

When you’re working to a tight deadline, time saving features such as these, along with confidence in your materials, can make all the difference.