Push the (building) envelope

Easy to install cladding products are opening up opportunities for roofers to work on the full building envelope.

Leading roof systems manufacturer Marley Eternit believe the increasing availability of easy-to-install cladding products can help roofing contractors diversify and offer full envelope services to housebuilders.

As well as its range of fibre cement roof slates, which can be used for vertical cladding, Marley Eternit now offer the innovative Vertigo facades system. Vertigo is the first fibre cement slate specifically designed for vertical applications. As well as being very quick and easy to install, it also meets the growing aesthetic demand for contemporary facades.

Installing the Vertigo system is really just an extension of your roofing skills – even if you haven’t offered wall systems before. Now, when the project calls for it there’s an opportunity to give your customer a vertical solution tile. As a lightweight material, it is also ideal for use with timber frame construction and can be installed either on or off site.

Vertigo consists of small 600mm x 300mm slate-like panels which can be quickly fixed onto battens, with the desired amount of insulation in between. The fibre cement slates perfectly adapt to the contours of the building, providing a second protective skin. The slates are very easy to fit, with three different installation methods.

One of the key advantages of Vertigo for roofers is that it means you can work on the full building envelope and so open up new business opportunities. According to Marley Eternit this is one of the reasons that easy-to-install cladding products such as Vertigo are becoming increasingly popular.

The company is currently reporting growing demand for its Cedral range. An alternative to traditional cladding solutions, Cedral is ideal for new and existing properties. This fibre cement product has the visual appeal of natural timber, however it requires very little maintenance. It also has a life expectancy of at least 50 years and is easy to install. Cedral is available in two applications, Cedral Click and Cedral Lap, which as roofing contractors you can easily add to the services you already offer.
If you haven’t offered exterior wall cladding solutions in the past, being able to install a full envelope solution opens up new sales avenues and adds to the existing work you can do, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.