Nurturing the grass roots

By supporting roofing students and apprentices, Klober is helping the roofers of tomorrow set the highest standards.

Students and apprentices are the lifeblood of companies that want to associate themselves with quality. These young people are the grass roots of the roofing industry, and it’s essential we give them a suitable climate in which to develop.

In that context it’s extremely encouraging that demand for training is growing. And, while it’s true that colleges up and down the UK are doing an excellent job preparing young roofers for their careers, sometimes for things to grow strong you need some special ingredients. That’s where companies such as Klober come in. They supplement the excellent learning environment the colleges provide with hands-on experience plus practical advice and guidance.

Apprentices at colleges as far afield as St Austell have benefitted from Klober’s involvement. The company helps apprentices know what to look for in the products they will be using week in, week out so they can make a proper comparison of products like dry ridge fixing – a fundamental part of roofing today.

For institutions like the East Midlands Roofing College in Nottingham, working alongside a market leader like Klober gives students a real understanding of the products they will be installing. Courses such as those provided by Klober are hugely valuable, as apprentices have to become familiar with roofing accessory developments as well as the principles the college teaches on pitched and flat roofing.

The NFRC’s Affiliated Colleges Programme has also helped to establish a more co-ordinated approach to college support. Their commitment to training has led to the number of Affiliated Colleges increasing to 21. In keeping with this positive trend, Klober are actively supporting this year’s Skillbuild heats, helping students and apprentices to show, often for the first time, the real quality of their work.

Another great example of how the industry is working together to nurture the industry and develop the roofers of tomorrow.