Mix it with the best

Concrete pitched roof tile manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles reminds us to pic ’n’ mix to get the best results.

Sometimes how a roof looks is just as important as whether it leaks or not. And when it comes to concrete tiles,  mixing from different batches and pallets will help you achieve a more balanced  look. The nature of concrete means that while the size, shape and weight are all very controlled, the make-up of the raw material and the manufacturing process all have an effect on the final colouring, which means it’s never going to be 100% the same in  every batch.

To make sure you create the best looking roof Russell recommends you mix from a minimum of three different batches or pallets. It’s the opposite of when you’re wallpapering and want to ‘batch match’ the paper! By mixing from three you’ll get a more balanced, natural look; if you do half the roof from one batch, and then the other half from another you may end up with two halves of the roof that look quite different. Mix them up and you’ll blend all the slight variations together and achieve a beautiful looking roof that your client loves. You’ll get fewer call backs and have roofs with a great look and feel that you’ll be proud to use to market your business.

By blending the batches to get the best possible result and following Russell’s official specification you’ll be able to prove what a good job you have done with Russell’s ‘RussSpec’ guarantee. It shows you’ve followed the official specification and that your roof meets the latest regulations and standards. Another great solution to reduce complaints, meaning it’s great for customer service too!

Mark Parsons, Technical Director at Russell Roof Tiles, adds: “Correct mixing on a roof means the job will look its best. Mixing means any slight colour differences within the batch or between batches, as well as any possible efflorescence which may occur, looks much better.

We know mixing from three pallets is not always easy due to the double loading bay scaffolds in use. But, you can achieve this by using the correct method for loading the roof to ensure you get a thorough mix and the best possible look.”

Mixed up? You shouldn’t be…but your  tiles should!