Keeping super dry

Revisions to BS 5534:2014 mean the need for reliable Dry Fix solutions is greater than ever

One of the main changes to the BS 5534:2014 Standard is that mortar can no longer be used as a standalone fixing for roof tiles. As a result, contractors are aiming to use less mortar and are seeking alternative products that deliver a quality finish quickly and effectively.

Therefore, Dry Fix has emerged as the best and most efficient method of application. Dry Fix products stand the test of time, are simple to install and, with no mortar to wash away, you can move onto the next job quickly without worrying about call-backs to site.

dry roof

Hambleside Danelaw have over 30 years experience in manufacturing roofing products and they are one of the UK’s leading producers of GRP flashing products – including Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Bonding Gutters. Both products are BBA certified and have a 30 year guarantee.


  • Cut fixing time by up to 50%
  • Strong and durable
  • Provide a weatherproof drainage channel
  • Assure a premium finish with neat termination detailing
  • Reduce call backs
  • Lightweight


  • Create a weather-tight joint between different roof coverings (particularly useful between private and public sector housing)
  • Narrow profiles minimise disturbance to the adjoining roof
  • Twin water bar design on each side of a central upstand to prevent leakage
  • Provide a clean and neat finish to the edges of different roof coverings