Keep it simple

Hambleside Danelaw’s easy-to-fit products help overcome the skills shortage.

The best ideas are nearly always the simplest ones. As Einstein said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

Hambleside Danelaw have been working to the same principle for over 40 years. They really think about how a roofer will use their products on site, and pride themselves on the way they use their technical knowledge to influence designs. The result is fit-for-purpose dry-fix roofing products that reduce pressure on contractors and help bridge the skills gap.

By creating quality, long-lasting products Hambleside reduce the risk of costly call backs and the risk of returning to site to fix problems you can’t invoice for. That means you save time and money and can continue to work on new projects. The BBA Certification and 30-year guarantee is proof of this quality and empowers you, the roofer, to work with confidence on the projects that come your way.

Attention to detail is what makes Hambleside’s products such a joy to work with. For example:

  • The starter unit for the Interlocking Dry Verge (HD IDV) is the most simple to install on the market. The design enables you to fit it easily without interfering with the guttering.
  • Their dry fix Valley Troughs can cut fixing time by up to 50%.
  • The GRP Dry Fix Flashings do not require specialist lead skills.
  • All Hambleside’s Valley Troughs, Bonding Gutters and Soakers are designed with the end user in mind.

There’s no doubt the company’s passion for creating products that really do the job simply is helping to address the skills shortage we are experiencing. As the construction industry’s output is set to increase by 2.5% every year over the next four years, and the Construction Skills Network Report forecasts over 230,000 new construction jobs by 2020, products like these couldn’t be more important.