How slate is your natural time saver!

As well as giving you beauty, strength and durability, did you know slate can save a heap of time? From purchase to post installation, here’s how it does it.

We all know that slate is a great material that enhances the value of any property. With a lifespan of around 80-100 years, natural slate adds timeless beauty to buildings all around the world. Having said that it’s definitely worth making sure the slate you’re working with is of the right quality – using an inferior product can leave you with a host of problems including pyrites, unsightly marks and unhappy customers. Fortunately, you can avoid all of that by working with SIGA Natural Slate.


You can speed up the ‘shopping around’ process and start your project sooner by finding a reliable supply of quality roof coverings. SIGA Natural Slate provides test certificates and full traceability, confirming where each slate was sourced and how best to work with the different ranges. This allows you to make an informed decision on which slate to choose and saves you time in the process.


SIGA Natural Slates are quality-checked and pre-graded, so you spend less time sorting and grading on site. Their consistency saves you project time, lowers labour costs, and reduces wastage rates.


If the unexpected does occur and there’s a problem, SIGA will still be there to help and save you time. Every SIGA slate can be tracked back every step of the production journey, from the quarry to the roof – and any spares needed can be sourced quickly too.

In addition, SIGA offers robust warranties of up to 75 years backed by SIG – a FTSE 250 organisation.
SIGA’s procurement and quality control operation, situated in the heart of the quarry region in Spain, ensures longevity of supply into the UK – giving you reassurance that any time you use SIGA Natural Slate, you won’t need to shop around. SIGA is available in over 120 SIG Roofing branches, nationwide.

With SIGA, you can be sure the slate you select is the genuine article, as well as being a natural time saver.