Fixed for Time?

Good workmanship and quality fixings are key to saving time on projects.

When you’re working on a job, it’s easy to focus on the big things and forget about the little ones. After all, something as simple as a nail or a hook can’t make that much difference to the finished product, right?

As you will well know, choosing a poor quality fixing can ruin the whole effect of a roof within just a few years, as it can rust and degrade and weaken the integrity of the roof structure.

Many roofers still use galvanised steel nails or aluminium or indeed, whatever is to hand for fixing roof slates into position, however to avoid future problems and rusting the most appropriate solution is to use copper nails instead. When you’re building a roof that’s going to last on average 80-100 years, you want to be sure that the fixings will last just as long. And copper – just like roofing slate, will stand the test of time.

The same applies for any other type of fixing too. The hook fixing method, which has been popular in Europe, particularly France, for the past fifty years, is being used increasingly often in the UK for both natural and fibre cement slates. The success of this method relies on using the right products, so it’s important to always check the quality of steel and thickness of hook, as poorer ones will eventually rust or even break down.


Choosing copper nails over inexpensive galvanised steel nails or thinner, lower quality hooks will ultimately, save you from problems in the future – avoiding rust, staining and loose tiles.
Slate tiles, unlike their concrete counterparts, rely completely on nails or other fixings to stay in place, so the quality of the fixing is crucial. Investing in quality correct accessories always pays dividends in the long run, saving you time and money.