Extra dry

Dry fixing work is increasing with the recent changes to BS 5534:2014 providing a major boost to this already growing sector of the market.

There are a number of reasons why forecasts for the growth in dry fixing continue to look like a safe bet. The revisions to the British Standards for Slating and Tiling BS 5534:2014, which require all mortared ridges, hips and verges to be supported by additional mechanical fixing, provided a huge injection of confidence.

The change in the law also reflected what was already a growing trend towards dry fixing. This was supported by an earlier NHBC recommendation and also previous success in Scotland, where dry fixing has been the preferred method for many years.

On the whole, it’s a story that looks set to continue and it’s easy to see why when you consider the stark contrast between a storm-damaged roof and one which remains intact. Dry fixing is fast and easy to install so saves you time on site and can be used in weather conditions where mortar can’t. This makes it perfect for areas such as the RMI sector, which is proving to be particularly popular ground for dry fix methods.

As you’d expect with such a healthy part of the market there are some excellent dry fix products available. These include the Klober Uni-Click® Dry Verge, which is used with concrete interlocking tiles and provides a functional and neat finish. Having said that, you do need to make sure the products you choose are compatible with each other as this is not always the case. Check their recommended batten gauge before using them and also what they’re made of. A number of these products are made of PVC, however Polypropylene is another material – which is light, strong and easy to recycle.

With ventilated dry ridge systems, variations include screws for the fixing clamps (you may still find the occasional system that uses ring shank nails) and the self-adhesive backing on the ridge roll. This is particularly important as most tiles, whether new or weathered, don’t have a clean, dust-free surface. Ridge kits usually have a choice of third round or angle seals however, Klober Roll-Fix® has a single seal which you can fit with either half-round or angle ridges. The same is true with hips kits (which also contain cro clips) and in both cases you know you’ve bought everything you need to fix 5 metres of tiles.

The results of dry fixing speak for themselves and provide the ultimate proof of its value and potential for generating word of mouth recommendation to any number of potential new customers.