Concreting compliance

How concrete can give you the edge.

To achieve a compliant and quality roof, it’s essential to use quality ridges. After all, if you use a poor product, it’s unlikely to hold up against the full force of British weather for very long. A well-made, properly installed ridge, on the other hand, will stand the test of time. And whichever ridge you choose, it has to work properly alongside your chosen tile material. That’s where TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles come in.


Although concrete is now the UK’s most widely-used roofing material, thanks to its strength and durability, there is still a huge demand for other materials such as natural slate. TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles have been specifically designed to offer the best modern material to compliment the best slate roofs.

  • CE Marked
  • Suitable for use anywhere in the UK
  • Fully compatible with TIL-R Ridge Kits
  • Available in anthracite, terracotta and slate grey
  • Come in the most popular profiles – 1/3 round, ½ round, multi-ridge and universal ridge
  • Perfect for use with SIGA Slate, fibre cement slate and general storm damage and ridge repair work

Russell Roof Tiles, the award-winning independent manufacturer, in partnership with SIG Roofing, manufacture TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles, giving you everything you expect from the TIL-R name: high quality, competitive price and ease of use. For best results, we recommend that TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are fixed in place with TIL-R Dry Fix Ridge Kits, or for a more traditional appearance, use Remix Bagged Roof Tile Bedding Mortar, in addition to mechanical fixing.

Now part of SIG Roofing’s Core Range, TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are stocked in all branches throughout the UK. As further assurance of the quality, TIL-R Concrete Ridge Tiles are included in SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty, providing a warranty backed by a FTSE 250 company.