Complete product confidence with SIG Assured

You may have noticed that the construction industry is moving extremely quickly. With new products coming into the market each week and legislation evolving at a dizzying pace, it can be tough to keep on top of everything. However, it is essential that you do. Compliance with Building Regulations and Codes of Practice isn’t optional – it’s the law.

Unfortunately, verifying product compliance documents is a laborious and timeconsuming job. So, wouldn’t it be great if somebody took all the hassle out of doing it for you? Well, we just happen to know somebody who can…

The SIG Assured shield of assurance does exactly that. It lets you know which insulation products and suppliers comply with the latest legislation and makes your life a whole lot easier when you’re choosing products.

SIG Assured is the result of three years in-depth work by SIG Insulation. They’ve been working with their suppliers and an industry leading independent partner, to monitor and track which products comply with recent changes in the law. Simply look for the SIG Assured shield of assurance stamp so you can be confident your purchase is fully traceable, legally compliant and supported
by independent specialist appraisal.

SIG Assured makes choosing the right
products a lot simpler:

  • Reduced liability risks
  • Increased clarity over new legislation and regulations
  • Ability to bypass non-compliant suppliers and products
  • Complete confidence in the products you use

The SIG Assured website shows you which suppliers have been audited and passed strict compliance guidelines. It contains a wealth of up-to-date supplier compliance and legal information, including Material Safety Data Sheets that are searchable by product code. Being able to access all of this information on one website helps clarify the legislation and regulations. The website is regularly updated, so is a dynamic resource that will help you make the right product choices, both now and in the future.

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